Speedmaster 2020 generation.

The Colors of Success.

The Speedmaster 2020 generation marries top performance with artificial intelligence features and a revolutionary operating concept like no other printing press generation before did. Discover the performance spectrum and the intelligent capabilities afforded by automation and digitization – like the new Intelliline LED-based navigation support system, which provides a color visualization of the status of all printing, coating, and drying units at all times.

Dive in – into a world of opportunities, where printing once more becomes an experience.

Take control:

Never before have printing presses been as intelligent and intuitive to operate.

The 2020 generation of Speedmaster printing presses stands for peak performance with no compromises. For maximum flexibility. For reliable, automated production and greater profitability. The versatile printing presses are suitable for small, medium-sized, and highly industrialized printing companies looking to ensure their longevity in the market and increase their profits with their efficiency.

Find out how you can write your own success story with the Speedmaster 2020 generation.

For Small & Medium-sized Companies
For Small & Medium-sized Companies

All-rounder or specialist.

Small and medium-sized companies.

Intense competitive and price pressure. Lots of highly finished products and short runs. Short production and delivery times. Small and medium-sized printing companies need to be highly flexible in order to be profitable in the long term. This is precisely where the digitization of processes and the automation of formerly manual activities pay off.

Discover the Speedmaster 2020 generation for small and medium-sized businesses.

Printing with no limits.

Industrial printing companies.

Attractive prices, wide variety, around-the-clock service: industrial printing companies have to meet high requirements and face intense competitive pressure. The Speedmaster 2020 generation offers efficiency and quality – high productivity at the best possible price. Thanks to its intelligence and automation, complex production parameters can be automatically configured and processed. Manual interventions go down. Competitiveness goes up.

Discover the Speedmaster 2020 generation for industrial printing companies.

Customer testimonials

Speedmaster XL 75 at Druckerei Friedrich (Germany)

Commercial printing company invests in automation with the Speedmaster XL 75 and the new Heidelberg Operating System

Speedmaster XL 106 at Elle Media Group (UK)

300 hours more print capacity per year compared to previous model - with the Speedmaster XL 106-5+L 2020 Generation

Speedmaster XL 106 at Schäfer Druck & Verpackung (Germany)

Packaging printer continues to strengthen its market position with new Speedmaster XL 106
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