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Makeready Workshop.

  • Examination of current makeready processes
  • Breakdown into individual steps
  • Workshop for analysis and clarification of responsibilities
  • Joint development of a target workflow
  • Compilation of a makeready manual
  • Practice test on the press

Make the most of makeready potential

The continuing trend toward short runs and tight delivery deadlines is putting production processes under pressure. More and more jobs need to be completed within even shorter times - without compromising on quality. One key factor here are efficient makeready processes that cut costs and help to make better use of existing capacities. During the Makeready Workshop, our Heidelberg Business Consulting experts will help you examine all aspects of your workflow:

  • We work with your staff to analyze the steps in your current makeready processes.
  • We identify potential for improvement and assess its feasibility.
  • We develop a standard makeready process that clarifies the best approach and makes better use of available capacities.

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