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Heidelberg Stahlfolder CH 56 speeds up finishing at Druckhaus Pinkvoss.

The production of sweet wrappers and the publishing of legal texts used to be the main activities of Druckhaus Pinkvoss in Hanover, Germany. But that is now more than 100 years ago and bears little similarity with what is produced at Pinkvoss today. The company, with its 14 employees, now offers digital and offset printing as well as full-service prepress, finishing, processing and embellishment, plus logistics and shipping. The in-house Pinkvoss publishing company focuses on annotations of legislation concerning public officials and also provides copy editing services.

A compact solution

In addition to owners Julius Kölpin and Inge Heuer-Kölpin, Karsten Freitag has been Managing Director at Pinkvoss since the end of 2012, an appointment brought about due to an old association with the company. As a result of the increasing number of short and very short runs at Pinkvoss, Freitag felt he had no other choice but to find an economic solution for postpress folding. The existing partnership with Heidelberg and the level of satisfaction with the cooperation ensured that a very good solution was quickly found for the problem. Andre Schirrmacher from the Heidelberg Sales department at the Hamburg subsidiary presented the most recent generation of the Stahlfolder folding machines and configured a compact, combination folding machine with a 56 cm operating width, a flat pile feeder, six buckle plates for parallel folds, plus a folding knife and a buckle plate for cross-folding and a stream delivery.

The Heidelberg Stahlfolder CH 56 KT auto was therefore the ideal machine for rapid job completion without long makeready times, even with very short runs. This solution was received enthusiastically by the Pinkvoss team.

Efficiency thanks to automation

Folding machines like the Stahlfolder CH boast all the features that have made Heidelberg famous with respect to reliability, productivity and top product quality. Their standardized equipment ensures high-quality folding and makes them especially suitable for signatures, books and commercial products. The Stahlfolder CH system is based on a modular platform which facilitates flexible configurations and even upgrades for the future.

The flat pile feeder is designed for frequently changing, short to medium run folding jobs. It ensures that sheets are separated perfectly and is easy to operate. The automatic combination buckle plates at Pinkvoss are equipped with two motors and precise gear belts to allow the position and angle of the sheet stop to be changed. They can be controlled via the central touchscreen on the feeder. Repeat jobs are faster to set up as stored settings can be used. The central touchscreen’s graphical user interface with intuitive symbols makes operating the machine extremely simple. A setup wizard guides the operator through the setup process step by step. The most common folding programs can be easily selected from an integrated fold type catalog. The folding machine can also be set up using data from the Prinect workflow.

Even more flexible

Thanks to the Stahlfolder CH 56, Pinkvoss is no longer dependent on a large number of external assignments and has therefore become even more flexible and even faster in terms of response speeds, which has had a positive effect on competitiveness and quality.


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