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Heidelberg CO₂ Neutral

Due to the global warming, eco-balances are increasingly important to customers. This is fueling a growing demand for carbon-neutral print products. Customers are exhibiting increasing environmental awareness. They expect reliable figures for CO2 emissions generated during printing and the tools to offset these. Heidelberg has been leading the way on environmental issues in the print industry for more than twenty years.

Printing on Carbon-Neutral Presses

Heidelberg is the world’s only press manufacturer that offers the service to offset CO2 in the production of all presses from Heidelberg ex-works. The machine guards of CO 2 -neutral presses carry a special label. Print products produced on CO2-neutral presses from Heidelberg can be labeled with a logo. Information on the profile of the print shop is available by inputting the number in the logo.

User of CO2 Neutral Machines
Climate Protection with Seal of Quality
CO₂ calculator for your print products

Our CO2 calculator enables you to generate the CO2 footprint of your print products.
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