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Graphic Press achieves Heidelberg’s ISO 12647-2 certification

Graphic Press has just been awarded with Heidelberg’s ISO 12647-2 International Standard Certification recently. It was a great achievement for them. Kenny Wong, Director shares his thoughts on attaining this milestone.

Q: Congratulations on your ISO 12647-2 certification! What is the biggest benefit for you and your customers?

With ISO12647-2 certification, our customers are assured our capability to produce world class quality prints. With this achievement and ability to maintain the standard, Graphic Press is able to have full control of the processes in the plant and its perimeters – from prepress to printing.

Q: There are printers who feel that they don’t need the certification and can still deliver quality. What is your comment to that?

Without ISO certification, quality print can still be achieved. However it will not be scientific and/or the standard measurements are disputable. With certification, the steps to achieve print quality are measureable and indisputable. Our multinational-company print buyers will be confident of our practices and they are welcome to audit their product anytime knowing their products are in good hands.

Q: Do you have any particular customers who are sticky about such certification?

ISO standard for print quality is still new in Malaysia. However it’ll be a good differentiation for our company, our brand and our commitment in delivering top notch products to our customers.

Q: How long did you take to do the assessment?

We took more than a month. It involved very lengthy operations – preparation and printing. The preparation alone took some three weeks. During the audit, we were also required to do a lot of explaining on the production process, there were many things involved. We had to print a particular set of forms adhering to the designated colour and density. Preparation was the toughest in the whole process. During the entire process, we took our time to ensure we learned well from this exercise and make it a standard process in our factory.

Q: You are a firm believer in quality equipment, Graphic Press made a few investment between 2010 to 2014. A brand new XL 75-6+LF, Polar 115XT Plus, SX74-5+L, Suprasetter A106 and Pressroom Manager. Which part of the whole process in the certification was the most intensive?

There is not one particular process, it is an entirety. The whole process of the certification, integrating our prepress department and the pressroom with Prinect Integration, and linking with the automated colour measurement device, Heidelberg Image Control, was the most intensive.

Q: What is your next step for the business?

We will announce this great news of achieving the ISO 12647-2 certification to our customers. We believe in continuous improvement that will earn us greater confidence from our customers with regards to our quality and productivity. The sky is the limit and we will continue soaring to reach the next level of excellence.

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