Speedmaster Operating System
Speedmaster Operating System

Focus on you, the user:

Speedmaster Operating System.

The Speedmaster Operating System with intuitive touch control turns the convenient control of the new Speedmaster into an experience. Settings can be called up with a click, and the scalable operation can be flexibly adjusted in accordance with the requirement profile. Intuitive operator guidance, innovative gesture control, and integrated help functions eliminate lengthy searches. The Speedmaster Operating System delivers fast, simple and navigated use of all your machine’s functionalities.

One-of-a kind navigation and automation:

Push to Stop at the Speedmaster.

For the first time, navigated printing with Push to Stop is possible on all Speedmaster machines. The patented Intellistart 3 defines all the steps required for the job change without any operator intervention and provides maximum transparency across all active and queued processes. Intelliguide simulates the time-optimized sequence live and, if necessary, also includes the steps to be executed manually.

Heidelberg UX is the holistic and intuitive
operation of all Heidelberg touch points.
Intelligent assistants and a uniform
user interface reduce complexity
and simplify production processes.

Everything at a glance:

New Wallscreen XL.

The Wallscreen XL completes the one-of-a-kind operator navigation for the highest performance demands. Intellirun, the new dynamic production view, shows the operator the right view at the right time, fully automatically, and provides intelligent information on the current production status. Intellirun thus not only supports you during the automated job change, but also throughout production. For the first time, all production steps are supported by an up-to-date overall view. The feeder display also shows important job information for optimal integration of the helper.

A clear view for quality and precision:

The new Intelliline LED-based navigation.

The resulting expansion of the Intelliguide, Intellistart 3, and Intellirun process displays provides a color visualization of the unit status on all printing, coating, and drying units on the operator and drive sides. You can keep an eye on everything at all times and are prompted when intervention is required. What this means is a new era of navigated and autonomous printing with Push to Stop. Uninterrupted productivity with the fully automated job change – from the last sheet to the first good sheet and the start of production.

Perfect data and color management:

Prinect press control systems.

Prinect Press Center 3 and Prinect Press Center XL 3 link the printing press to the print shop’s Prinect workflow. Job data can be transferred and also made available in an automatically defined sequence. The production data is returned fully automatically. This enables you to benefit from excellent data management, one-of-a-kind presettings, up-to-date production data, and informative reports.

Our entire range of Prinect color measuring systems offers you optimum, reproducible color stability and minimal waste. As the most cost-effective system in its class, Prinect Easy Control offers the ideal technology for spectral measurement. The powerful Prinect Axis Control available in Prinect Press Center XL 3 and the Prinect Image Control 3, which measures the entire print image, also offer you optimal, reproducible color stability and minimum paper waste. All color measuring systems are perfectly integrated into the workflow via the central color database and provide automated color reports.

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