Efficient gluing of reinforcing inlets.

Inlet Spotter.

The Inlet-Spotter module enables reinforcing inlets to be glued into folding carton blanks, for example in the case of large soap powder boxes or two-part packaging used for transport and display purposes.

The timed feeder of the Inlet Spotter ensures greater reliability and flexibility in the production of two-part packaging. Operating at speeds of over 200 meters (650 feet) per minute, it sets the correct speed for the folding carton gluing machine. The Inlet Spotter has its own servo drive, which means it can be flexibly deployed on any folding carton gluing machine. It can also be combined with add on machines such as the Diana Feeder and the inlet prefeeder to maximize productivity.

Productivity from the start.

Stack Turner.

The Stack Turner was developed specifically for turning and feeding piles of blanks. When used in conjunction with the high-performance Diana Feeder and Diana Packer, it is the ideal complement to a Diana folding carton gluing machine.

One operator can easily transfer the piles of blanks from the pallet onto the Stack Turner’s feed table. The innovative pile stop helps him align the pile of blanks precisely. The Stack Turner is controlled from a user-friendly control panel on the side of the machine that offers easy access. Operators can also opt to control the entire folding carton gluing machine from the Stack Turner using a wired remote control device. In the standard configuration, the lateral pile stop for pile placement is fitted on the operator’s side. The Stack Turner processes different carton sizes and formats with ease, supporting pile heights of 100 to 300 millimeters (3.94 to 11.81 inches). With up to four turning cycles per minute, it also benefits from a high production capacity.

The prefeeder to boost productivity in high-speed operation.

Diana Feeder.

The Diana Feeder prefeeder ensures folding carton gluing machines have a continuous supply of blanks. It minimizes machine downtimes and increases the machine’s net output by preventing simultaneous feeding of more than one blank.

The Diana Feeder thus boosts productivity long-term and delivers much shorter makeready times with the same number of staff. The automatic control system means that manual speed control during production is no longer necessary. Digital position displays for setting feed gates greatly simplify setup. What’s more, settings can be reproduced for repeat jobs at any time.

Inline inspection system.

Diana Inspector.

Available as an option for the Diana Easy 85/115, Diana Smart 55/80/ 115, and Diana X 80/115 folder-gluers, Diana Inspector is a state-of-the-art technology for the inspection of demanding folding boxes.

With Diana Inspector, the problems related to the inspection of highly reflective surfaces are no longer a disruptive factor for the production. Highly refined folding cartons, on which foils, coatings and embossing have been applied, are always associated with increased inspection effort. In order to make this work easier, a special lighting process has been developed. Thanks to this light source technology, time-consuming adaptation or omission of technically critical inspection areas, setup processes and test runs are a thing of the past.

One module for all braille requirements.

Diana Braille Module.

The Diana Braille module expands the possibilities of your folding carton gluing machine. Diana Braille applications enable reliable and efficient processing of every job, whatever demands the folding carton layout places on the position and scale of embossing.

Two independent servo drives control the Braille embossing tools with great precision even at high speeds, delivering accurate and standard- compliant Braille embossing quality throughout. The Diana Braille module is a cost-effective and flexible solution for all requirements in cutting-edge and complex folding carton production. This enables you to not only stand out from the crowd but also achieve a sustainable expansion in your manufacturing base. Braille applications have long been essential in numerous attractive areas of industry, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector. Diversity and precision.

The Diana Braille module enables you to emboss all carton areas, thus making Braille applications possible anywhere on the carton. Several Braille embossing tools can also be used in parallel in a single Diana Braille module, allowing simultaneous embossing of more than one area. Braille embossing tools can be positioned along the entire working width. High flexibility is also a key feature in terms of text length, with up to 57 Braille characters, or four or five lines, possible per die plate. Up to three areas per Braille embossing metal sheet also maximize productivity.

Automatic packing of over 200,000 folding cartons per hour.

Diana Packer.

Able to pack over 200,000 cartons per hour, the Diana Packer effortlessly keeps pace with the output of high-performance machines. The operation of packing glued cartons stops being a bottleneck, which leads to top production speeds in folding carton gluing and lowers unit costs.

The Diana Packer benefits from straightforward touchscreen operation. Automatic calculation of settings and the fact that a smaller number of components need to be set cut makeready times by up to 50 percent. An integrated laser system ensures accurate counting of cartons. A sample carton can be taken for quality control purposes, and a replacement carton is then placed in the shipping case so that it will still contain the correct number of items.

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