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“The Speedmaster CX 102 is unparalleled in Performance and Productivity”, Says Ramesh Kejriwal of Parksons Packaging


“We are truly excited about our latest acquisition, the Heidelberg Speedmaster CX102. Everything about the CX 102 press is impressive -- unparalleled performance, enhanced productivity and best print quality “, says Ramesh Kejriwal, Chairman Parksons Packaging, on the post-installation performance of India’s first Speedmaster CX 102 six-color press.

An automation proponent, Ramesh Kejriwal is duly impressed with the Heidelberg Speedmaster CX102’s ‘Prinect Inpress Control’, which controls print quality while the sheets are on fly, thereby reducing wastage and shortening make-ready times.

“This is one of the most technically evolved solutions in the printing Industry. The need of the hour is more automation and lesser manual interference. The Speedmaster CX102 fits this requirement to a tee. Our make-ready times are less than 15 minutes now, and we need less than 80 waste sheets for color matching, this saves us large volumes of ink and paper”, says the happy client.

The alliance between Heidelberg and Parksons, a signature brand in the packaging industry, spans three decades. Over the years, Parksons has procured 7 brand new Heidelberg presses for its production units at Daman and Pune. Endowed with features for optimum productivity and quality, the Speedmaster CX102 is a surefire winner all the way.

The chairman of one of the most dynamic print houses in the country believes firmly that value comes at a premium. “We are longtime customers of Heidelberg, since the 80’s. So, we are well aware that Heidelberg presses come at a premium. But, the premium is entirely justified when you look at the cost savings and competitive advantage we enjoy”, he says. The Speedmaster CX102 has helped the company achieve significant cost savings, related to production.

“Before buying the Speedmaster CX102, we were running three production shifts 24X7 non-stop. But, now we have eliminated one shift totally, saving on labour, electricity and other consumables, thereby maximizing profits and productivity. The underlying economics is compelling. The corollary is we achieved our target numbers with ease. Buying the CX102 has been our best business decision in recent years”, Ramesh Kejriwal states emphatically.

Vinod Kela, General Manager of the Parksons Packaging plant at Daman reaffirms Kejriwal’s statement, “Thanks to the Speedmaster CX102, we are running just 2 shifts now. With the arrival of CX102, the Daman unit is now more energy efficient and cost-effective. “

The Speedmaster CX102 experience has further forged the bond between Heidelberg and Parksons. Mr. Ramesh Kejriwal also hinted that he will be signing up for 2 more new Speedmaster CX 102 presses with Heidelberg shortly.

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Rajendra Prasad
Marketing Manager
Heidelberg India Pvt Ltd.

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