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Mumbai’s Indraprasth Printers invests in new Heidelberg Speedmaster SM-74 Four-Colour Press


  • Completes one crore impressions within short span of time.

"Once I made the conscious shift to Heidelberg there was no looking back", beams Pravin Totre, the founder of Indraprasth Printers, a Mumbai-based commercial printing firm. Recently, Indraprasth installed a new Heidelberg SM-74 four-color press in its shop floor, crowning its progress in the past decade. "With the brand new Heidelberg addition, we graduated Magna Cum Laude in commercial printing", Totre smiles.

Indraprasth was founded nine years ago, after Totre decided to put his extensive and intensive experience in the printing industry to work for him. In 2005, he made the giant leap from employee to entrepreneur to establish 'Indraprasth Printers' in the Ghatkopar Industrial Estate in the suburbs of Eastern Mumbai.

Today, Indraprasth is a compelling commercial presence in Ghatkopar, thanks to Totre's ROI-focused approach to commercial printing. The print shop is engaged in the production of promotional materials like folders, booklets, and brochures.

Pravin Totre's relentless pursuit of excellence led him to a new Heidelberg Speedmaster SM-74, but what truly swayed his decision in favor of the machine is the high level of automation that could be achieved with the four-color press.

"The Speedmaster SM-74 offers a fabulous level of automation, reducing the role of manual labor to minimal. Ever since installing the new press, the need for human intervention has declined dramatically by 70-75%. All that needs to be done is to follow the thumb rules of printing and finish the job", he states emphatically.

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Rajendra Prasad
Marketing Manager
Heidelberg India Pvt Ltd.

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