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Our Service expertise:
Efficient, high quality print production requires a proper function of the DryStar system, so that the sheets reach the delivery pile under the specified drying condition. To eliminate ink set off, blocking, crackling and damage of the cassette, you can rely on our original service parts and our reliable, long lasting, high performance expertise.

Original Heidelberg IR Radiators:
Infrared radiators are used in the DryStar units. Inks need a special wavelength in order to penetrate into the paper before they harden as a result of oxidation with the air. The special manufacturing techniques used to produce Heidelberg IR radiators make sure this process takes place as it should. A gold alloy in the radiators also ensures that infrared light is projected only where it is required – onto the paper. As a result, the temperature in your press does not rise to dangerous levels. Heidelberg IR radiators exhibit outstanding quality standards that prevent breakage caused by vibration in the press, short circuits caused by spark-over and the formation of deposits on the glass (typical blackening) – these radiators have a longer service life.

For a limited time period, get original Heidelberg IR Radiators and a special DryStar inspection service at a very special price.

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