Web to Pack Portal from Colordruck, Germany

Web-to-pack: the next big thing in packaging printing?

Web-to-pack is more than “just” putting an online shop for folding cartons online. It is a basic philosophy for making your business and the entire workflow organization fit for the future in the age of print 4.0. The first providers are already operating successfully in the market. With consequences for print shops with a conventional business model.

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Web to Pack Portal from Colordruck, Germany

Expert talks.

Heavy cardboard and offset printing?

The perfect pairing for business success in the growing market of food packagings.

Smart Control

Yes, producing flawless quality with less paper waste is possible. Our expert explains how.

Hycolor Multidrive

The smart inking unit drive for the Speedmaster XL 106 shortens makeready times significantly.

Detecting and correcting errors in real time: "A clean sheet"

How do you keep the quality of your packaging jobs high without also increasing costs? Prinect is the answer.

Waste ejection for zero defects

Find out more about the feature that will get you a stack of good sheets, any time.

Speedmaster Anicolor
Speedmaster Anicolor

Smart combination saves color changes in short runs

As indispensable as spot colors are as part of the brand identity when designing packagings, their use in the printing process costs a lot of time and money when runs are short – due to the frequent color changes as well as the logistical effort of providing the small quantities of ink at the right time. But there is an alternative that is both clever and lucrative: producing short-run print jobs with “spot colors” simply without any color changes....

Expert talk

Customer stories.

JC Graphics Pvt. Ltd, India

“The Speedmaster CD 102 is the perfect choice for packaging print shops in India. It processes board up to 1 millimeter thick with ease. Plate changing with AutoPlate is also quick and easy. What’s more, contact-free sheet transport with the AirTransfer system and the high storage capacity of the inking system deliver a high-quality print result.”

Xianjunlong Color Printing, China

"We create the structural design for our packaging jobs at the touch of a button."

Samduck, South Korea

When international corporations approach a medium-sized company with 27 employees to have sophisticated packagings printed, you know that this company must offer something very special. Samduck TMP based in Paju in South Korea does so in several ways.

MPS Ussel, France

The Multi Packaging Solutions Group founded in 2005 is an established name in the packaging industry. With 9,200 employees and 59 plants worldwide, the company boasts a diverse range of competencies in the fields of healthcare, branded products (spirits, confectionery, and cosmetics), and multimedia.

Saima Packaging, Pakistan

With the help of Heidelberg and a new Speedmaster XL 106, Saima Packaging aims to more than double sales within the next five years.


Navigated printing:
how does it work?

Similar to a navigation system in a car, the navigated printing features built in Speedmaster machines provide operators with the information necessary for the best possible workflow sequence for the job change.

Autonomous printing:
how does it work?

Autonomous printing represents the ultimate stage in automated print production. The patented Intellistart 2 operator guidance system from Heidelberg enables the fully automated job changeover - from the last to the first full sheet of the subsequent order to the start of the new production.

Zero Defect Packaging.

Three seconds. That’s how long it takes a consumer to make a buying decision in the supermarket – mostly based on the packaging. International brands spend multi-digits million euro amounts for advertising and product staging, and thus for good reason expect packaging that is aesthetical, legally unobjectionable, functional and commercially flawless. ​ To fulfill the ever more complex requirements for defect-free production in the future also, Heidelberg delivers solutions for automated quality assurance and control that are integrated in presses, workflows, and an intelligently networked production environment. Our goal: Zero defect packaging.​ See how to avoid, detect and resolve defects during folding carton production:

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