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Screen printing brings the premium effect.

Exceptional label design functions like a Trojan horse. Amazing and attractive to look at, it is uncompromisingly designed for conquest.

Numerous macro trends in label and packaging printing require flexible machine systems.

Decisive for the efficiency of modern machine concepts in label and narrow web packaging printing are flexibility in configuration options, as well as the ability to change printing processes and jobs quickly.

Customer testimonials.

Reynders label printing, France

Higher production speed, less set-up time and less set-up waste – because of these advantages the label printing group Reynders decided to invest in a Gallus Labelmaster for the production of shrink sleeves.

Philip Morris International (PMI), Switzerland

Philip Morris International (PMI) is continuously working to integrate digital folding carton printing into their production environment.

INSIGNIS-Etiketten, Austria

A year of successful label production with the Gallus Labelfire at INSIGNIS.

Mudrika Labels, India

Mudrika’s label (India) activity gets a Gallus Labelmaster Plus boost.

Gallas Label & Decal, USA

An innovative, useful and meaningful Braille application made possible by the Gallus Screeny technology.

Hub Labels, USA

A digital press that integrates everything from the roll to finished labels.

Label printing market segments

Food, pharma, cosmetics...

Market segments.

Successful decoration makes products stand out from the crowd. Labels serve a multitude of purposes in this respect:

  • Marketing: Product advertising geared towards specific target groups to ensure products stand out on the sales shelves.
  • Information: Details required by law relating to contents and expiry date together with the manufacturer’s details.
  • Logistics functions: Product tracking for the retail trade.
  • Security function: Protection against mix-ups, counterfeiting and theft.
  • Technical function: Sealing, re-sealing and protection from light.

Different market segments place different demands on labels. The manufacturing process and material selected depend on how long the label needs to last and the product application.

More about label printing market segments
Label printing market segments

Monofoil, wet-glue, self-adhesive...


A successful label gets itself noticed, which is why the use of new, innovative materials is becoming increasingly important.

Nowadays, printing applications cover everything from conventional self-adhesive labels to the latest monofoils and composite materials. In addition to various mainstream printing methods, a number of different finishing processes such as screen printing, hot/cold foil embossing, and relief embossing are also used.

Flexible and scalable production resources and sound know-how are required to handle the many different materials and master a huge range of printing and finishing processes.

More about label printing applications

Rotary screen printing, Flat screen printing:

Discover the unlimited potential of our Gallus Screeny technology.

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Our label printing presses make it possible to integrate different printing, value-adding and postpress methods inline. So you can process almost any substrate with ease and manufacture products in a single pass – from the roll to the finished label.

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