Anthony Thirlby, Commercial Printing Expert, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG


Master of Speed: Anthony Thirlby.

In a past life, Anthony used to be a professional soccer player. The fact that his soccer career didn’t go as expected was print’s gain: as managing director of ESP Colour in Southern England, Anthony became the world’s most productive printer – a Master of Speed. By consistently streamlining the processes around estimating, printing, and finishing, he managed to hit the ceiling with 165 million impressions a year on his Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 105 and XL 106 printing machines. Today, Anthony is heading the Commercial Printing segment at Heidelberg. Follow him on his path to ultimate productivity.

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Anthony Thirlby, Commercial Printing Expert, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

Productivity and the print shop.

Whitepaper - Smithers Pira & Pia
Whitepaper - Smithers Pira & Pia

CDI Printing: 50% more productive 6 months after Speedmaster CS 92 installation.

The first U.S. company to install a Speedmaster CS 92, CDI Printing Services of Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, is enjoying the benefits of upgrading to the new cost-effective sheetfed press. Only a half a year after installation, CDI already has reached their desired goal of increasing productivity by 50%.

Customer report
Whitepaper - Smithers Pira & Pia

Smithers Pira & PIA reports: Understanding true productivity.

In today's ultra-competitive environment, most printers are looking to boost profits by minimizing spending on capital equipment and press supplies. What many don't realize, though, is that their profit is actually directly linked to the cost it takes to produce each finished sheet.

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Whitepaper - Smithers Pira & Pia


Navigated printing:
how does it work?

Similar to a navigation system in a car, the navigated printing features built in Speedmaster machines provide operators with the information necessary for the best possible workflow sequence for the job change.

Autonomous printing:
how does it work?

Autonomous printing represents the ultimate stage in automated print production. The patented Intellistart 2 operator guidance system from Heidelberg enables the fully automated job changeover - from the last to the first full sheet of the subsequent order to the start of the new production.

Autonomous plate production:
CtP imaging is on a roll

The newly updated Auto Pallet Loaders (APL) for the Suprasetter 106 and VLF formats support the uninterrupted loading of up to 1,200 printing plates in 106 format, or 600 in VLF format. That makes them a flexible, high-performance automation solution for highly efficient plate production.

Databased print shop management:
"Success needs facts and figures".

Prinect provides facts and figures - so that better business decisions are made.

From automated to smart production:
"On the way to a Smart Print Shop".

Push-to-Stop - a milestone on the road to autonomous print production.

IT security and data protection in the print shop
IT security and data protection in the print shop


IT security & data protection in the print shop.

Cyber attacks continue to double each year and new threats appear every day. Backup and data protection are not always a top priority for printers, but once job data loss, significant production downtime due to accidental data deletion, hardware failure, lost or stolen removable media, or a natural disaster occurs, it quickly becomes a top priority.

Our white papers describe the unique IT security threats facing print shops and offer practical advice, tips and tricks on how to mitigate them.

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Customer stories.

Cityprint Moscow

It would be a downright lie to claim Cityprint in Moscow had never faced challenges. The print shop has experienced difficulties on several occasions and has emerged stronger from each crisis. Its recipe for success? If you’re going to do something, do it right!

Aumüller Druck:
"It's all about the output"

Productivity is the watchword at Aumüller. “Our goal,” as the brothers Stefan and Christian Aumüller say in unison, "is not to optimize costs but output."

Heidelberg Stahlfolder Push-to-stop
Heidelberg Stahlfolder Push-to-stop

Autonomous signature production with the Stahlfolder TH/KH 82-P.

Now featuring full Push to Stop capabilities, our Stahlfolder Peak Performance folding machines (model TH/KH 82-P and TX 96 ) have become an integral part of the Smart Print Shop. With the Push to Stop technology, print shops can produce different signatures or jobs of similar formats and folds on a single pallet - without any touchpoints.

Discover Push to Stop for folding machines
Heidelberg Commercial Printing Technology


Our commercial printing equipment.

Opt for future-proof printing. We have the right type of equipment for every need, always developed with top quality and outstanding cost-effectiveness in mind, - a guarantee for maximum investment protection and value retention.

Technology overview
Heidelberg Commercial Printing Technology
 LE UV & LED UV sample booklet

Application support.


Discover the wide range of applications that our LE UV and LED UV products and consumables can help you produce.

Free sample booklet
 LE UV & LED UV sample booklet
Heidelberg Lifecycle Solutions


Software, consumables and services for the commercial printer.

We help you open up new areas of business and improve the overall performance of your company to achieve long-term success.

Lifecycle solutions overview
Heidelberg Lifecycle Solutions


All the consumables
and service parts commercial printers need 24/7.

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