P’s Network Co., Ltd., Fuji-shi, Shizuoka, Japan: The Prinect prepress production process is easy to operate.

Prinect and the MIS have allowed us to automate and standardize the prepress production process to such an extent that it can even be operated by unqualified personnel.

  • Even the younger, newer employees can easily produce jobs with the Prinect system because it's so straightforward to operate.
  • Employees with entry-level skills can process layout and impositioning for an average of 200 jobs per day.

Prinect and the MIS are fully integrated into the whole process from order to delivery.

  • We've been able to minimize duplication between processes, cutting processing time by two-thirds compared with the method we used before introducing integration.
  • Integration also enabled us to eliminate manual input errors to 0%.

We've achieved maximum productivity by optimizing the process and reducing paper waste and make ready time.

  • We've already hit our ambitious sales target of 40 million Japanese yen per year per employee.

Hiroyuki Yamada, Company President

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