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Are all the repeats identical?

Identical and yet not identical? You’ll surely be familiar with the problem when the print control strip indicates completely consistent colors, yet the repeats look different when they’re compared directly – and regardless of whether you use full-tone density or gray balance to regulate this. Here, too, Prinect offers a solution in the form of the Prinect Image Control 3 color measuring system. This internationally unique system scans the entire print image, identifies identical repeats on the print sheet automatically, and controls the color to ensure all the repeats look the same. This works not just with repeats from a freshly printed sheet but also with samples and also with inkjet proofs supplied to you by your customer. Spectral measuring technology even shows you how close you are to the desired result with the current ink-paper combination. Prinect Image Control 3 thus boosts the reliability of your printing and eliminates complaints.

Prinect Image Control 3 uses CIP data from the prepress department to identify all solid areas on the print sheet automatically and ensures they are printed with an extremely high level of uniformity all over the sheet.


Have the ISO requirements been met?

Printing according to standards. All key tasks in process monitoring and control of proofs and prints can be carried out using Prinect. This is assured by the Prinect Color Toolbox. Detailed evaluations, including over lengthy periods, serve as reference documents for ensuring reliable production and provide a basis for meeting process standards at a consistently high level.


What’s on the pallet?

Clearly identified. Identifying pallets in day-to-day operations can be tricky. Prinect makes it possible to output pallet labels for subsequent processing stages on a network printer automatically or at the touch of a button. This cuts the workload for press and postpress staff, whether they work on integrated machines or data terminals.

Creating pallet labels saves time and effort, and assignment to the job and customer is clear.


Are dot gains stable?

Adjusted dot gain. In the Prinect color workflow, dot gain in the print is measured using special Mini Spots. These measuring elements are placed anywhere on the print sheet and are measured and compared to the target values throughout production.

If deviations are identified, these can be corrected immediately by means of the existing printing characteristic for plate manufacture or the ICC profile being used. The next proof or plate set will then once again be perfectly matched to the new printing conditions.

All measuring data can be logged for analyses or to provide proof of quality. Deviations are identified directly and the printing process can be adjusted before serious damage is caused. Prinect makes it easy to check both international standards and your own in-house standards.


How was the night shift?

Always fully up to date. Prinect records machine and production data and evaluates this automatically using various criteria. Status information and job and shift evaluations can be called up at any time.

Whether you’re looking to monitor the productivity of an individual press over a particular period or compare several presses, Prinect shows you all automatically recorded productivity data in clearly structured diagrams or tables.

Prinect can reveal the strengths and weaknesses of a particular print shop.


Is the proof OK?

Like two peas in a pod. Prinect enables proof specifications to be implemented on the press quickly and precisely. Prinect ensures the proof and print really do match.

Prinect uses the ICC profiles defined by the International Color Consortium to simulate the print result precisely on the proofer. The print-ready document is first output on the proofer using the RIP. Following customer approval, plate imaging is performed using the same RIP.

What’s special about Prinect is that, to ensure the resulting print product is always identical regardless of the press and paper, Prinect stores all kinds of calibration characteristics for platesetting in the RIP. These characteristics are selected automatically according to the particular press and consumables being used. A unique function of Prinect is the fact that proofs created in this way can be scanned in as a template by the Image Control color measuring system and used as a reference for printing.

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