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Done a price?

Accurate costing, cost-effective order processing. Prinect combines management and production and helps optimize profits on the basis of exact data.

Costing is fast and accurate. Standard products can even be costed fully automatically with the Speed Estimator, thus cutting outlay significantly. The data and process workflows entered just a single time for the costing simplify job processing, and production can be controlled precisely.

Attached a Post-it?

Always up to speed. Prinect improves the flow of information by means of personalized job memos stored digitally in chronological order.

Comments are available in the workflow at all relevant points – for example, on the central cockpits in costing, production, and management and on the digital planning board, presses, and data terminals.

Everyone involved is thus kept up to date on an equal basis.


Overview of language versions?

Versioning made easy. Prinect splits data into fixed and variable components at the job acceptance stage and assigns it to different versions. Direct checking is performed for possible errors such as overprinting elements. The individual versions can be handled separately as early as proofing and can also be tracked reliably throughout the production cycle.

Prinect consistently avoids sources of errors, ensuring a perfect production process and reliable merging of all variables.


What’s happening at the moment?

Everything at a glance. Prinect provides an excellent overview. During the production process, Prinect automatically collects all production and machine data – such as counter status, setup times, start/finish times, and downtimes – and makes this available in real time.

This creates transparency in terms of what is happening right now in production and facilitates analysis of the technical and financial aspects. What’s more, everyone involved has access to the same facts to construct their arguments.

The Prinect Portal also provides users with online access to status displays, which is invaluable for those on the move and in field sales.


Got approval?

Job-based exchange of data. Prinect speeds up the exchange of data between customer and print shop. Customers use a special link on the Prinect Portal to load their files directly onto the server.

Here, the data is automatically assigned to the relevant job and checked for errors and for content that differs from the costing.

Prinect can then trigger prepress operations fully automatically, including all approval stages.

Last month’s productivity?

Facts, facts, and more facts. Prinect Analyze Point is a comprehensive analysis tool, enabling long-term evaluation of production data for all presses, state-of-the-art color measuring systems, and various items of postpress equipment integrated in Prinect.

This results in informative reports with performance and productivity values along with details on quality development.

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