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How about 3D effects?

Make an impression with lenticular printing. Prinect enables quick and easy data processing for streak- and moiré-free lenticular printing of 3D images.

Three key steps are needed.

  • First, the individual repeats are aligned to ensure lens accuracy and thus the correct phase.
  • A high-resolution screen is selected to match the relevant lenticular film.
  • A special imaging resolution in the Suprasetter prevents unsightly streaks (banding).

Keen to speed up postpress?

Time is money. The quicker that print sheets are dry, the sooner postpress can start. The obstacle here is images that require considerable ink application due to high ink coverage. Prinect can create ICC profiles that reduce total ink application at the color separation stage without changing the character of the image. This results in less ink on the sheet, much shorter drying times, and thus faster transfer to postpress.

Want to save ink?

Less is more. High ink application in the composite print often leads to problems in print production. Prinect offers a solution with greater print stability. The Color Toolbox enables the creation of ICC profiles that reduce total ink application at the color separation stage without changing the character of the image. If the inwards inspection of the PDF data in the workflow shows it is necessary to reduce the ink, the ICC profiles spring into action. Not only can the data (that is then newly separated) be printed more effectively and processed more quickly, the gray balance also remains more stable due to the reduced chromatic colors and greater black, with details becoming more apparent.

Prinect delivers multiple savings in this area, with lower ink consumption, faster setup, fewer stops, and faster postpress. What’s more, printing with this application still meets ISO 12647-2 but does so with even better results.

Need more than just 4c?

Multicolor wanted. Prinect expands the CMYK color space and substitutes spot colors. Firstly, it does this for print products where luminescence, purity, and saturation play a role. Here, adding one to three colors can make a big impact.

Another application is the replacement of spot colors. Multicolor can replace numerous PANTONE® or HKS colors. What makes this special is that several hundred color tones can be reproduced, with Prinect automatically selecting the best separation. It is possible to see exactly whether the desired tones can be achieved, and changes can be made at any time.

The Multicolor Workflow not only supports visual effects but also delivers concrete benefits in production. Short runs in packaging printing can once again be produced profitably, with printing instead of washing.

Screenings can’t be mixed, can they?

The perfect screen for all requirements. Many different factors determine the appropriate screening method for a print job. Prinect offers a range of options, from conventional amplitude-modulated (AM) and frequency-modulated (FM) screens to stochastic and hybrid screens. And with Prinect, these can also be used together in any combination.

Looking to improve register accuracy?

Keeping paper stretch under control. A daily challenge during printing is distortion of the substrate, which leads to register deviations, particularly at the edges of sheets.

Prinect offsets this at the outset. The expected distortion is factored into the TIFF data in the prepress stage and thus compensated for prior to plate output. Paper stretch compensation results in significantly improved print quality, cuts setup times, and reduces paper waste.

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