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Efficiency with Prinect.



Standardization of the printing process and color management with Prinect saves time (up to 40 %) and reduces paper waste through efficient setup processes.

15 minute reduction in the production process from prepress to postpress for packaging printing jobs with the Prinect workflow.


160 waste sheets less when setting up jobs with severe paper stretching thanks to Automatic Paper Stretch Compensation.



2∕3 reduction in processing time per operation thanks to the integrated Prinect workflow and re-use of data already entered.

Average 32 % increase in impositioning speed for gang jobs with lots of small jobs through automatic creation of sheet layouts with optimized distribution of one ups.



40 % increase in processed jobs with the same personnel thanks to Prinect. The efficient Prinect workflow system cuts down on manual steps through the use of ready-to-use process modules in prepress production.

Standard quotations prepared in 1∕3 the time. Prinect Business Manager provides automated quotation tools to help with costings.



Prinect boosts your print shop’s profitability, moving away from hidden costs toward greater transparency whilst raising your bottom line.

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Prinect makes your print shop transparent. Detailed production monitoring allows you to identify weak points at an early stage and take direct countermeasures.

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Print Quality

With Prinect, you print according to standards, such as the process standard for offset printing. This ensures color and quality are optimal, predictable and repeatable.

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Prinect records all data on a job automatically. This shows unlocked potential that can be easily harnessed. Often it’s small changes that have a largest impact in the long term.

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