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LE UV & LED UV consumables.

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How to choose the right consumables?

Applications involving LE UV and LED dryer technology use so-called ‘highly reactive’ UV inks. These inks have a different chemical composition and a higher percentage of photoinitiators than conventional UV inks. This means that these inks require significantly reduced UV dryer capacity to cure, while giving equivalent results.

Heidelberg offers a wide and coordinated range of consumables for LE UV and LED dryer technology. All consumables in the range such as inks, coatings, dampening solutions, and washing fluids as well as rubber blankets are tested for their suitability in advance and coordinated. This makes it possible to get started with production straight away, without having to perform complex and cost-intensive material tests.

Our LE UV & LED UV consumables:

Saphira Ink LE-/LED-UV 3000

The Saphira Ink LE-/LED-UV inks can be used for a wide variety of substrates. The Saphira Ink LE-/LED-UV 3000 printing ink has been developed specifically for requirements in LE/LED UV printing and can be used for LE UV as well as LED applications.

The ink is characterized by its color intensity and its universal properties, and offers excellent printability and an optimal ink-water balance. Printing to ISO 12647-2 is possible with this ink, if used in combination with appropriate substrates and print data.

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Saphira Blanket Pro UV 2000

The Saphira Blanket Pro UV 2000 is a printing blanket for high-quality UV printing. It enables optimal ink transfer and guarantees outstanding dot definition and a controlled dot gain in UV as well as LE UV and LED printing. The blanket delivers very good results on different substrates like absorbent and non-absorbent materials. As well as good resistance to swelling and solvents, the blanket also offers very good cleaning properties (with automatic cleaning systems as well as with manual cleaning) and has a long service life.

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Saphira Fount 521 AF

Saphira Fount 521 AF is a universal dampening solution additive for alcohol-free offset printing. It delivers excellent printing and color stability, even at very high production speeds.

The additive enables quick start-up, reduces or eliminates the use of IPA, and can be used for all water types.

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Saphira Wash UV 578

Saphira Wash UV 578 is a washing fluid for cleaning UV and mixed-mode materials and is suitable for both automatic and manual cleaning.

It offers fast and efficient cleaning action and has been specially developed for cleaning LE UV and LED printing inks. The washing fluid enables fast color changes, causes no swelling of EPDM or combination materials, and dries quickly.

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Saphira UV Coatings LE/LED

With the Saphira UV Coatings LE89 and Saphira UV Coatings LED90 coating series, Heidelberg offers a range of special products developed for requirements in LE UV and LED printing. The coatings react in particular to the higher wavelength ranges of the LE UV and LED technologies and are non-yellowing when cured under optimal conditions. The cured LE UV and LED printing inks can also be coated with suitable dispersion coatings and UV coatings (wet on wet).

Matt and gloss coatings as well as coatings suitable for foil stamping and drip-off coatings are available.

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Saphira Ink Duct products

We recommend our Saphira Ink Duct Foil Universal and Saphira Ink Duct Cheek Foils for LE UV and LED applications for fast and effective cleaning of the ink fountains. The foil has a long service life and therefore enables higher press availability.

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