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LE UV & LED UV upgrades.

You already have a Speedmaster press and would like to move into LE UV or LED UV printing?

Take advantage of our innovative DryStar upgrades and of our unique expertise and know-how in LE UV and LED UV printing.

Which upgrades to choose?

DryStar UV upgrades from Heidelberg are powerful, scalable drying systems that facilitate entry into the LE and LED UV markets and open the door to new customer segments and profitable growth.

The systems are suitable for commercially printed products, with or without coating, produced on any Speedmaster press. The DryStar LE UV and DryStar LED solutions from Heidelberg are also available for specialty printing and packaging, depending on application requirements and substrates, including some limited use with PET, SBS, foils and IML.

All our Hardware Upgrades come with first class consulting, installation, and training services to ensure optimal implementation of the technology within your print shop.

LE UV upgrade

DryStar LE UV is the cost-effective solution for the commercial UV market, delivering optimum curing results.

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LED UV upgrade

DryStar LED is the most powerful LED drying system on the market and your best option for LED UV printing.

More about DryStar LED

Which presses can be upgraded?

DryStar LE UV can be retrofitted to all Speedmaster models built as of 2008.

DryStar LED can only be retrofitted to the following series:

The year of manufacture should also be 2008 or later.

Further restrictions may apply depending on the configuration of the printing press, therefore individual clarification is always necessary.

Which preparation kit is required­ for the upgrade?

The UV radiation in the printing press and the use of aggressive UV inks and washing fluids are the reason why printing presses used for UV printing require a special UV preparation. The contents of the preparation may differ, depending on the press series. In any case, the right preparation is required to work usefully, productively, and safely with this technology.

Heidelberg offers the customer different preparation kits:

Entry Kit

It contains all the components required to implement the technology on your existing Speedmaster while ensuring the protection of the press and its operators, notably:

  • Dryer mounts and UV shielding plates
  • UV ink and dampening rollers
  • Modification of the existing washup devices
  • Modification of the software
  • UV-resistant lubricant

Advanced and Premium Kits

They contain all the components of the Entry Kit, plus the extra components for maximum performance:

  • Ink agitator
  • Ink mist extractor
  • Screened ink fountain roller
  • Second coating cycle
  • Second washing fluid cycle

The Heidelberg Service "Plus"

Heidelberg is the only supplier able to prepare a Speedmaster press for LE UV or LED UV printing. No other provider can offer such a preparation on a Heidelberg printing press. Compare for yourself!

Additionally to the services listed above, we also offer a special training for operators, to enable optimal use of the LE UV or LED UV technology. Contact us for more information.

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