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New areas of business with Versafire.

The print product market is in a constant state of flux. Completely different customer expectations, globalization, and fierce competition on prices all call for greater flexibility and cost-efficiency.

With the Versafire digital printing systems from Heidelberg, it’s not a case of offset versus digital, but rather offset plus digital. Designed for the cost-efficient manufacture of short runs and print products that are difficult or expensive to produce using offset printing, Versafire combines the benefits of both methods.

Less is more. While offset printing scores highly when it comes to production run costs and quality, digital printing makes it easy to meet other requirements such as fast delivery times, printing variable data, and processing an amazingly wide range of materials. It is even possible to combine the two types of production in a single job.

Digital printing can be used to produce finished products such as brochures and magazines fully automatically on demand, to output prints in the right order, including runs of a single copy, and to personalize print jobs preprinted in offset. On-demand production of this kind reduces warehousing and logistics costs. Perforating, folding, and trimming are also possible thanks to the option of integrating inline finishing. Further benefits such as virtually zero paper waste really come to the fore with short runs.

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  • Think Economically, Print Ecologically

    Think Economically, Print Ecologically

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