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Into the future with flexibility.

The print product market is in a constant state of flux. Customer expectations are changing and prices are falling. Demands for greater flexibility and efficiency are on the rise. With Heidelberg, it’s not a question of either/or when it comes to offset and digital. Combine the Speedmaster sheetfed offset presses with the Versafire digital printing systems, and take advantage of the maximum flexibility to meet all market requirements.

Boost your productivity and competitiveness.

Efficient processes and state-of-the-art technologies are the building blocks of high productivity and production reliability. From the Speedmaster SX and the Versafire to the Peak Performance class, from small-size to large-size format, our digital and offset printing presses offer unbeatable productivity

With the Prinect workflow you optimize both processes and benefit from ease of use and intuitive operation thanks to the central platform. Prinect seamlessly integrates all process steps involved in print production, from customer contact and production to the finished packaged product and invoicing. Prinect also has the right solution for you.

Acquire new customers and increase your profit.

While offset printing scores highly when it comes to production run costs and quality as well as finishing options and a wide range of substrates, digital printing makes it easy to meet other requirements such as fast delivery times, printing variable data, and processing an amazingly wide range of materials. Combining these production methods within one job opens up further impressive possibilities. Digital printing can be used to produce finished products such as brochures and magazines fully automatically on demand, to output prints in the right order, including runs of a single copy, and to personalize print jobs preprinted in offset. On-demand production of this kind reduces warehousing and logistics costs. Perforating, folding, and trimming are also possible thanks to the option of integrating inline finishing. Further benefits such as virtually zero paper waste really come to the fore with short runs.

What customers say:

We can now manage our digital and offset workflow in an integrated and central way

Petermann GZW centrally controls and manages its Speedmaster presses and Versafire CV digital printing system using an integrated approach. At the same time, the company benefits from complete transparency concerning all workflows and operating data.

Our machine fleet is now more suitable for the market we operate in

"At the end of the day, we are more efficient because our machine fleet is more suitable for the market that we operate in, and we were able to reduce our costs."

We can now fullfill all our customers' demands so that they give us all their print jobs

“Our customers were using other suppliers for their digital printing. However, they kept asking for us to add a digital component to our shop because they’d prefer to use us for all of their jobs. Now, the printed product looks great and our customers are happy, so we are very comfortable with pushing our digital offerings.”

We can now apply clear or opaque white to printed sheets

The toner-based Versafire is equipped to apply a fifth color – clear or opaque white – to Versafire’s printed sheets. "We are also using it for proofing. The Versafire is part of the Prinect workflow, utilizing the DFE RIP from Heidelberg and color management to our offset operation. [It] is really accurate and easy for our prepress to work with.”

We are able to produce more jobs and get them to finishing faster

"With the CS 92, we are now able to not only compete in markets that we weren’t able to before, but we are also able to perform more efficiently than our competition.” As for the Versafire CP: “(it) is one of the fastest machines in its class. We are able to produce more jobs and get them into finishing quicker than before."

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