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Optimum air supply and performance levels with low energy consumption.

AirStar Pro and ScrollStar.

  • Automatic presetting of air volumes based on blower profiles for all standard grammages
  • Manual corrections can be saved for repeat jobs
  • Up to 50 percent lower energy consumption than standard air systems
  • Oil-free, low-maintenance, low-wear blowers
  • Lower noise levels
  • Compact design to minimize the space required
  • Central water cooling for efficient heat removal

Optimum air supply and performance levels with low energy consumption.

The AirStar Pro and ScrollStar systems are perfectly coordinated with Speedmaster presses. AirStar Pro combines virtually all individual blowers providing vacuum and blast air in a single, central air supply cabinet and is designed to deliver optimum energy efficiency. With a comparable air delivery rate, it consumes up to 50 percent less energy than today’s standard systems by ensuring that the number of blowers in operation is always geared precisely to press requirements.

ScrollStar ensures that the supply of compressed air to the press is completely free of oil and condensation. Its low-wear design and the compressor’s high power reserves result in excellent reliability and availability – for failsafe production.

Straightforward, central operation and preconfiguration of air settings at the Prinect Press Center XL 2.

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