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Speedmaster XL 106.

Bromberger Packungen, Germany

When Bromberger was looking for a new offset printing machine, what mattered for the packaging specialist was primarily about a partnership on an equal footing.

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Omaks Packaging, Turkey

Read how this leading cardboard packaging specialist boosts his productivity and color expertise thanks to the Speedmaster XL 106 and its press control system.

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Oriel Printing Company, UK

“We have always been a HEIDELBERG house and know exactly what can be achieved using their presses. There is no doubt in our minds that the Speedmaster XL 106 will do the job, and what’s more, it’ll do it more efficiently than we do now.”

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Marquis, Canada

Marquis' new Speedmaster XL 106, equipped with LED UV, inline CutStar sheeter, and new Plate to Gallery logistics, is part of the company’s greater plan for continued growth – aiming to double its business within the next ten years.

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