Speedmaster XL 106-6+L. Starting off with a million prints in one week, and 284,000 sheets in 24 hours.

40 percent growth – and we’re just getting started.

“One million prints in a single week, and 284,000 sheets in 24 hours, mostly at 18,000 sheets per hour – and that is just the start,” says Scott Robbins, President of AspenPress, summing up his enthusiasm for his new Speedmaster XL 106. This press is a first for AspenPress in many different ways. Previously, the print shop had only ever used presses from Heidelberg. The Speedmaster XL 106 is its first investment in new equipment. “By using the latest technologies, we are moving into completely new territory for us – and that is a huge indication of the trust we put in Heidelberg,” says Robbins. “We saw demonstrations of the Speedmaster XL 106 at trade shows, but there were still a lot of unknowns right up until it was actually installed. Now we can say that the press is just as good as we hoped it would be, and that it does exactly what Heidelberg promised it would.”

AspenPress is a rapidly growing commercial and packaging printer from Sandy, Utah. Buying the Speedmaster XL 106 was a key factor for the company’s merger with Olympus Packaging in March 2014. Until that point, AspenPress lacked the necessary capacities to further expand its packaging business. Its premises could also not be expanded. Now, with a total of almost 50,000 square meters (60,000 square yards) and the new printing press, nothing stands in the way of further growth. Currently, 60 percent of orders are commercial work, while 40 percent are for the packaging sector. Alongside high-quality commercial products for customers from the fields of education and insurance, advertising agencies and sport franchises from the State of Utah, AspenPress produces packaging for the cosmetics and healthcare industries. It plans to use its additional capacities to expand beyond the Utah state lines and produce printed matter for the national and international market.

“We have always been specialists for high-quality commercial work, but with the Speedmaster XL 106 we are able to become so much more,” says Robbins. “Thanks to the Prinect Inpress Control inline measuring and control system, we are now able to achieve the highest level of quality much faster. As a result, some of our more quality-conscious customers are giving us additional jobs. The press is so fast. It doesn’t even take five minutes for customers to approve the print job. And they love the wallscreen of the Prinect Press Center. Since installing it, we have doubled our field staff and increased our sales by 40 percent. Now we are precisely where we always wanted to be. The new press means we are the leaders in Utah,” says Robbins, full of admiration.

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