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CN – Shanghai Chang Xin Long Printing Co. Ltd.

Speedmaster CS 92-4 and Speedmaster CD 102-4. 20 percent increase in turnover from changing over to Heidelberg technology.

Impressive print quality.

“We changed over to Speedmaster technology from Heidelberg in 2015, the first time that we swapped a rival press for a Speedmaster CS 92. We were not the only ones impressed by the print quality – our customers were also so impressed that we recorded a 20 percent increase in turnover. In 2016 I replaced another press from this manufacturer with a Speedmaster CD 102-4”, explains Chen Changlong, Managing Director at Shanghai Chang Xin Long Printing Co. Ltd. “As well as traditional commercial printing, we also want to offer packaging products and will be relying on Speedmaster technology for this. A traditional commercial printing run of 5,000 units now takes us half an hour, including makeready time of course. And my customers are impressed by the print quality. You can’t ask for more than that.“, continues Chen Changlong.

Shanghai Chang Xin Long Printing Co. Ltd., China

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