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Speedmaster XL 75.

Sosset GmbH, Germany

“Whereas it used to take two or three pulls before we were ready for production, the press now goes straight from the first setup sheet to the production run without stopping. (...)The cost savings are huge.”

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Papierwerk Landshut Mittler, Germany

"When I ask my printers what their favorite press to work on is, it’s always the new Speedmaster. They're big fans of the new operator guidance system, and the new 24-inch touchscreen makes their work more direct and straightforward."

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Wauters Group, France

"Already the installation of the first Speedmaster XL 75 in 2015 has taken our production to a new level. We were able to increase productivity by a third and halve makeready times. We have thus become an extremely attractive partner for our customers, as they require ever smaller runs in ever shorter times."

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Druckerei Friedrich, Germany

"We want to work profitably and need a high level of automation, which is what the Speedmaster XL 75 continuously delivers. (...)We were also able to reduce waste by two-thirds."

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