Speedmaster XL 75-4+L. A 30 percent increase in productivity, annual paper waste savings amounting to EUR 100,000, and double the number of job changes each day by switching to Speedmaster technology.

Absolute trust in Speedmaster technology

Exaprint, a print shop based in the French city of Montpellier, has been using a Speedmaster XL 75 four-color press with coating unit since the beginning of 2012. “Since taking the press into operation, we’ve been able to increase our productivity by 30 percent,” explains Philippe Sabadel, Technical Director of the Exasud production facility. The integrated Prinect Inpress Control measuring and control system, which controls color and register accuracy on the fly, cuts makeready times and reduces paper waste. “Each makeready process now only generates just under 130 waste sheets, which saves us over EUR 100,000 a year. With an average run of 1,000 sheets, we’ve succeeded in doubling the number of makeready processes and we’re currently achieving 25 job changes a day – even more during peak periods,” adds Sabadel.

Founded in 1999, the company is now one of the largest online print shops for discerning graphics and communications customers. It had previously only used presses from another manufacturer for its production operations. The Exasud production facility with its team of 25 employees specializes in high-grammage print products such as business cards, postcards, folders, and calendars. “The Speedmaster XL 75 is very ergonomic and user-friendly. Our printers can rely on the press, which enables them to work at a constant maximum speed of 16,000 sheets per hour for short runs and 18,000 for longer runs,” says Sabadel with some satisfaction.

The eco-friendly production equipment also plays a major role in this respect. The Speedmaster XL 75 benefits from alcohol-free production, and Exasud uses blankets and coatings from the Saphira range. The company has obtained the Imprim’Vert eco-label along with certifications to ISO 14001 and ISO 12647-2 based on the PSO Standard and they are certified by PFSC standard. Sabadel isn’t only impressed with the increase in productivity and eco-friendly production achieved with the Speedmaster XL 75, though. “Overall, the number of customer complaints has fallen sharply since we’ve been using Speedmaster technology,” he reveals.


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