Kingsbury Press makes its debut in digital.

Kingsbury Press is ‘putting a toe in the water’ with digital printing, installing a Versafire CV from Heidelberg at its Doncaster plant this month.

“We have been reluctant to move in this direction because we have never felt comfortable with the quality and reliability from digital presses. Our client base is equally as quality critical, but we feel with the Versafire CV there is now an affordable digital solution that our customers will accept that we can build from,” says Ed Layton, managing director.

“White and clear ink capability was also very much a factor which strengthened the decision for the CV over against rival presses along with the fact that the machine can link directly into the Prinect workflow software and Digital Front End RIP, giving greater control of the output options. In some cases we are hoping that we will be able to use the press to run proofs that are currently run through the slower and more expensive Epson printers.”

Kingsbury uses the slogan “the art of print” and its web site talks of the “pursuit of perfection” and the quest “to be the best at what we do”. Its focus on quality, coupled with innovation and project management skills, are its unique selling points.

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