Magentur GmbH, Berlin

When it was first established 15 years ago, digital printing was barely on Magentur’s radar. Since then, the Berlin printing company has become a specialist in this area. “Our customers come to us for selected embellished printed matter made using special materials,” says Junior Partner Gideon Dopslaf, when asked to describe the business model. The printed matter in question? Books, brochures, postcards, greeting cards, and photos. Approximately half the runs are customized or personalized. Magentur operates two-shift production for very long runs involving personalization, but print runs of just one copy are also always in demand. The clientele includes graphic designers, agencies and fashion companies, but also web-to-print users. “Web-to-print is a tremendously important trend at the moment, and one that we need to follow if we want to hold our own in the market,” states Dopslaf with conviction. A year ago, Magentur added to its equipment with a 5-color Versafire CV from Heidelberg, additionally equipped with spot colors, white, and coating as well as with banner function, brochure finisher, and cooling unit. “The 700 mm banner format as well as the coating and white printing was what really persuaded us to invest in this machine,” explains Gideon Dopslaf. It’s a decision he does not regret: “The Versafire CV is versatile, extremely straightforward, and easy to use. It is very stable when used with the right materials and has been instrumental in enabling us to up our game.” Another big selling point of the Versafire CV was the “sound advice and reliable service.” So has the digital solution supplied by Heidelberg enabled the company to improve its competitiveness? “Yes, without a doubt.”

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