Heidelberg Versafire CV in gilbert design druck werbetechnik, Essen: “We never cease to be amazed”.

Expectations were high: media company gilbert design druck werbetechnik in Essen was on the hunt for a new digital printing machine that would “up the technological and quality ante for our creative solutions.” Specifically, the com-pany wanted better print quality and higher speed as well as production and color reliability, including on unusual natural and textured papers with gram-mage of over 300 grams. It also wanted to be able to print coatings and white as a way of setting itself apart from its competitors. CEO Leander Gilbert found what he was looking for at the beginning of 2015 with the Heidelberg Versafire CV. “The demo couldn’t have gone any better,” he reports: “The press handled the paper we brought along at the first attempt, and produced a wide range of print jobs with very impressive results for the most part.“

Gilbert decided on the spot to go ahead with the purchase and the Versafire CV has been in use in the company since May 2015. “We never cease to be amazed at what we can do with this machine,” says Leander Gilbert with satis-faction. In particular this includes solid printing, halftone areas, fine lettering, and lettering in negative areas. The press remains stable and smooth even when faced with lots of material changes, and there are hardly any color fluctuations. “The press gives very good coverage when printing white, so normally one application is enough.” Banner printing, i.e. printing formats more than 60 cm long for producing six-page A4 folders or envelopes, also works without a hitch. Leander Gilbert is also impressed with the technical support. “But we rarely need it because the press is so stable in production, and the training provided to users means they can solve most problems themselves.”

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