Defects in print images, for example due to scratches, hickeys, or smudging, are irritating and lead to complaints. Inline systems in the press inspect every sheet, but random samples are often quite sufficient for quality assurance.

The unique full-sheet measurement feature of Prinect Image Control 4 enables spectral color measurement and image defect detection in a single pass without restricting the measurement speed.

This ideal combination not only ensures exactly the same color on all printed sheets, but also guarantees their flawlessness.

  • Outstanding measuring technology for the most uniform inking, proof matching and error control
  • Complete package for comparing prints with the PDF from prepress or a good sheet
  • Only one measuring process, no additional hardware required, retrofittable
  • Extensive standard equipment such as opaque white control and color archive for PANTONE®, HKS, PSO

Full-sheet inspection and color measurement in a single pass

Up to now, anyone who has to keep colors within tight tolerances and at the same time cannot afford any printing errors has been faced with a difficult decision. Color measurement systems in the press that simultaneously have image defect detection do not deliver the colorimetric L*a*b* and ΔE values required by the customer. If one wants both, two systems are always required.

Inline inspection has the advantage that every sheet is inspected. Depending on the press equipment, defective sheets are automatically marked or even rejected. Mandatory for pharmaceutical products, this effort is not even necessary in other areas. In the case of high-quality packaging, e.g. for spirits and cosmetics, it is not so much the missing decimal point in the 4-point font that is important, but rather the overall impression of the packaging must be free of errors and accurate in terms of color. Random control measurements are often sufficient for this.

Here, in addition to existing color measurement systems, additional standalone measuring devices are often used exclusively for image defect detection. This means that two different devices are also required in this case.

If you want to upgrade existing online color measuring systems, which are located next to the press, for image defect detection, they usually require additional hardware, which often reduces the measuring speed or requires a separate measuring process.

With Prinect Image Control 4 from HEIDELBERG, it has been possible for the first time to combine spectral full-sheet measurement with the benefits of image defect detection in a single device.

No additional hardware is required on the device or a second measuring process. A major advantage of this method is the unrestricted precision of the measurement from the leading edge to the trailing edge. The measuring speed of 25 seconds does not change. During this time, a 200 dpi scan with 50 million CIEL*a*b* values is generated. This is used for precise color control of the press and is transferred to the Prinect Inspection Toolbox software for image defect detection, where it is evaluated fully automatically. The inspection software (Prinect Inspection Toolbox) runs on a separate PC to ensure that Image Control is not blocked during the time required for further color measurements.

It is operated conveniently on the press wallscreen or on a separate monitor. Thanks to the networking of Prinect Workflow, Image Control and the press, the required reference data is automatically available when printing begins. As soon as Image Control 4 has transferred the 200 dpi scan to the Prinect Inspection Toolbox (25 - 30 sec.), the software starts the error analysis and measurements can continue on the device. After a short time, the printer is shown the errors found on the screen. With a mouse click, she/he decides whether the result should be compared with the PDF file from prepress or with a previously created good sheet. The software always includes both options. A special highlight: the printer can adjust the accuracy of the inspection without having to rescan the sheet. This is an enormous time advantage for critical motifs or poor printing stock.

After the defects have been assessed, an image defect log is created in the background. This can be called up at the end of the job together with the color reports from Image Control via the central Analyze Point.

Outstanding measurement technology for the most uniform coloring, proof matching and error control.

"Measuring what sells" has always been the claim of Prinect Image Control. What has long been true for image-related color control and adjustment from print to proof now also applies to flawlessness. With 50 million measuring points, even small deviations in the print can be reliably detected that the printer might have missed. Combined in a practical way in one device, in one place, directly at the press and without any additional effort.

Complete package for comparing prints with the PDF from prepress or a good sheet

The software package for image defect detection always includes two options for inspection:

1. Comparison of the print sheet with the digital data from prepress (PDF comparison): This provides certainty as to whether the print and prepress data match.

2. Sheet-to-sheet comparison: Here, the printer compares the print sheets of the run with a good sheet or a full-sheet proof determined by her/him.

These two functions offer maximum flexibility. It is also possible to switch within a print job.

Just one measuring process for everything, no additional hardware required, retrofittable.

By eliminating the need for expensive, additional hardware, Prinect Image Control 4 software offers not only a high-quality but also a cost-effective solution for fast and reliable inspection in packaging printing.

The print sheet only needs to be measured once. This means there is no need for a second measurement or even transport to another location. In comparison, the time saving is 2-5 minutes for each sheet in the 75 cm x 106 cm format. The function can be retrofitted on the predecessor model Image Control 3, as well as on Image Control NG.

Extensive standard features such as opaque white control and color archives for PANTONE®, HKS, PSO

Prinect Image Control 4 comes as standard with valuable features, some of which are unique, such as the opaque white control, which gives the printer the certainty that in the event of color deviations on foil or aluminum-laminated board, the color measurement system will detect whether the opaque white or the chromatic colors need to be adjusted. This quickly saves 400 - 500 sheets of waste per job and minimizes customer complaints.

Instead of continuous print control strips, Prinect Image Control 4 also enables precise color control via offset print control elements. This quickly saves several tons of cardboard a year.

In addition, all solid areas are included in the control for maximum uniformity across the entire sheet width. In the example below, it is the beige.

Retrofittable at the click of a mouse

The scope of delivery includes unlocked color tables for PANTONE® PLUS, HKS and FOGRA51-52/PSO. A separate license is not required.

With its image defect detection option, Prinect Image Control 4 offers the ideal solution for packaging printers focusing on high-quality packaging and spot checks. Not only are the lowest ΔE values specified by the customer maintained over the entire run, but error-free prints are also delivered at the same time.

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