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Saphira consumables for
LE UV & LED UV printing.

UV technology is well known in many markets. However the advantages of LED UV systems are not so well known. But the technology could be important for many print shops and the introduction of a LED UV press in their production environment may be a game changer.

All of a sudden these print shops need to think in a different way on production parameters, ink drying, cleaning in combination with washes, blankets and founts.

As Heidelberg developed its own LE & LED UV dryers, we also developed our own unique combination of consumables to match our dryers, including full support so that starting production of your first LED-UV press becomes a no-brainer.

Maybe you have already started up your LED-UV press with your own designed consumables set, and face performance and quality issues? Contact us. With Saphira you can focus on output, while we make it work for you. As we did with all Saphira consumables over the last 10 years…

Download our information kit!

Includes the technical datasheets of our

  • Saphira LE UV & LED UV coatings,
  • Saphira Wash-up cloths,
  • Saphira press chemistry for LE UV & LED UV printing,

as well as our whitepaper "Everything you need to know to get started with LE UV/LED UV".

Information Kit
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    Saphira consumables from Heidelberg are available around the clock from our eShop.

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