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Food packagings are as important as their contents. Food safety is the top priority here. At the same time, it is important for the manufacturers to add unusual visual and tactile effects to their packagings so that their products are optimally positioned in a booming market.

The growing number of smaller packaging units for households means increasing requirements for safe packaging solutions. This is because the proportion of packaging material in relation to the quantity of product is particularly high here, and thus the risk of substances migrating from the packaging into the food increases.


That is why Heidelberg is expanding its range of safe Saphira Low Migration coatings for conventional and UV coating of food packagings. The range includes special products for UV inline and offline applications as well as double-coating applications with suitable primers and for the narrow web sector. New, self-curing binder components make the customary photoinitiators virtually or entirely superfluous. This means high productivity and brilliant results as usual!

The benefits for you:

  • Odorless products
  • High productivity thanks to the high coating reactivity
  • Minimal sensory influences on the filling
  • Avoidance of low-molecular components

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Find out more about our coatings and the important rules to observe for low migration printing in our information kit.

Our Saphira UV-Coating SP (Sensitive Packaging) U8864 and U8868 coatings are low migration UV coatings formulated with self-curing resins. They offer excellent reactivity, reduced migration potential, and low odor when fully cured.

Two references are currently available:

  • Saphira UV Coating SP U8864 High Gloss FB
  • Saphira UV Coating U8868 Matt FB

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