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10 years of Saphira. 10 secrets. Proven to perform.

The best thing to happen to food.
Saphira Low Migration coatings and varnishes.

With Saphira Low Migration coatings, you are well prepared to meet the increasing demands on food packaging to help ensure food safety. The benefits for you:

• Odorless products
• High productivity thanks to high performing varnishes and coatings
• Minimal impact on the food contents from the packaging
• Minimum migration of molecular components according to international regulations

No compromise in food safety from the packaging.
Saphira Low Migration varnishes and coatings.

Saphira GTT Anilox screen rollers and Saphira coatings

This is how to achieve:

• lower coating consumption
• reduced foaming and less pinholes
• and higher gloss points
Combine Saphira GTT Anilox screen rollers
   and Saphira coatings.

Hard on residues, soft on jackets.

Superior impression cylinder jacket cleaning

• Safe and efficient
• Removes stubborn ink residues
• Avoids damage to the delicate cylinder
   jacket surface

The unbeatable combination for the ink fountain.

Boost your productivity with:

• optimized ink fountains – and ink duct cheek foils and Wash-up & Go
• a package of tested Heidelberg products
• less paper waste
• faster and cleaner color changes

Long live the rubber blanket!

The perfect dot through increased rubber blanket

• Stable dot gain on all substrates
• Longer lifespan for rubber blankets
• Reduced vibrations and less wear

The lifespan of your rollers is a matter of adjustment.

Minimal effort
– maximum effect.

• A longer roller lifespan
• Increased productivity
• Reliable and stable printing results

Saphira Low Chem & DOP Plates.
Saving whilst protecting the environment.

Significantly reduce the use of chemicals and water used in printing plate production.

Benefit from:
• Saving water significantly
• Reducing or eliminating plate rinsing in the processor
• Perfectly finished printing plates
• Low maintenance and easy processor cleaning

Enjoy the top performance of Saphira consumables and maximum OEE.

We always make sure there is an optimized set of consumables available for your specific situation:
• fast finishing
• sensitive papers
• maximum dot sharpness ...

We are happy to advise you.

Lifecycle Solutions Bundle Packaging.

From February 2019

LED UV Package.

From March 2019


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