Discover 10 secrets,
proven to perform.

10 years of Saphira

Secret no. 2:
Safe washing processes, efficient cleaning –
gentle to the surfaces.

Sounds unbeatable?

But there’s even more to it: Saphira Jacket Cleaner 500 delivers unbeatable cleaning power, strong enough for dried ink and paper dust, and ensures optimal sheet transport after cleaning the various jacket types.
Saphira Jacket Cleaner 500 is equally applicable for conventional, UV or hybrid applications.

Saphira Jacket Cleaner 500: cleans, protects, performs.

Conventional standard manual washing processes are usually neither sufficient nor gentle enough for efficient cleaning of the perfecting jackets. That’s why we have set ourselves the task of providing you with a truly safe and efficient product for cleaning all types of jackets on perfecting printing presses, without resorting to aggressive, surface-damaging cleaners.
Our solution: Saphira Jacket Cleaner 500, developed specifically for this application in collaboration with Heidelberg R&D at our high-tech pressroom chemicals factory.

10 years of Saphira consumables.
Proven to perform.

There’s even more for you to discover:

Saphira Jacket Cleaner 500 is just one example of Heidelberg ingenuity. We have used the same high-performance concept developing many other maintenance products. Contact your local Heidelberg partner and find out more. We look forward to analyzing your initial situation together with you to develop your personal Saphira solution.

Secret no. 2:
Faster, safer, cleaner with Saphira Jacket Cleaner 500.

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10 years of Saphira consumables.
10 years of proven performance.

Tuesday May 15 marked the start of the 10th anniversary celebrations of our Saphira consumables product line at the wonderful Schwetzingen Palace, some 15 miles away from our German headquarters. 320 guests from around the world joined us to celebrate with sumptuous food, music and dance 10 years of proven performance.


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