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Stahlfolder TX 96.

At 110 m/min.

A 16-pages signature A4 with 135 g/m² runs reliably with 110 m/min and a shingling degree of almost 50% with more than 18,000 sheets per hour on the Stahlfolder TX 96.

Maximum machine speeds of 230 m/min are basically possible with conventional, non-shingled fold productions. With shingled folding , such high speeds are not necessary to increase the output. This improves the folding quality.

Two innovative technologies combined.

Feeding the sheets in landscape format reduces the entry length. As a result up to 30% more sheets can be loaded by the feeder. Further 50% can be carried trough the machine, due to the shingled production in the first folding station.

This can be seen directly in the output.

For short walking distances.

With a Stahlfolder TX 96 folding system you get exactly the configuration you require for a highly industrialized signature production: PFX 96-feeder, 1st folding unit for shingled processing of the signatures, 2nd folding unit with pneumatic twin-lay system and 45°-carriage as well as a palamides alpha 700 hd delivery.

These components are reasonably arranged in U-shape in order to give the operator a workspace as compact as possible.

Keeps up with the press.

The Stahlfolder TX 96 folding system achieves an annual average output of a 16-pages A4-signature with two shifts of up to 60 mio. signatures. The basis to this are 8 hours per shift and 240 working days.

Increase availability.

With the Remote-connection the Stahlfolder TX 96 folding systems can be directly connected with the Heidelberg Service.

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