Peak performance redefined: drupa-generation Speedmaster XL 106 revolutionizes industrial print production


  • Paradigm shift in offset printing – “Push to Stop” philosophy enables digitized and integrated print production, all the way to autonomous printing
  • Dramatically reduced makeready times with new Hycolor Multidrive inking unit and further automated, parallel processes
  • Intelligent assistance systems take the strain off the operator and enable maximum productivity despite numerous job changes
  • First users' expectations exceeded

The world premiere of the new drupa-generation Speedmaster XL 106 marks the start of a new era in industrial print production. For this new generation of presses, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) combined its expertise in automation and ergonomic operation, and is thus able to amply satisfy the requirements of commercial, packaging and label printers. Against a background of ever-declining run lengths and more frequent job changes, what is needed in order to be competitive in the market is fast, automated, reliable and efficient production. With the new Speedmaster XL 106, new features such as intelligent assistance systems and parallel, automated processes are lifting industrial print production to a whole new performance level. The greatest focus is on ease of operation and integrated, digitized processes, extending all the way to autonomous printing.

“Our drupa motto is “Simply Smart”. We show what a fully integrated and networked print shop – the “smart print shop” of the future – looks like, and how we achieve the perfect harmonization of equipment, services and consumables,” explains Stephan Plenz, member of the Management Board responsible for Equipment at Heidelberg. “The new drupa-generation Speedmaster will herald a paradigm shift in the operation of sheetfed offset presses. We are evolving from a “Push to Start” approach to a “Push to Stop” philosophy. Whereas today the operator must actively start processes on the machine, in future the machine will, wherever possible, do this itself. It will automatically work through the queue of print jobs. And it will do this using the ideal, shortest makeready operation, with maximum net productivity as the result. The operator then only has to intervene if the process needs correcting.”

Greatly reduced makeready times with Hycolor Multidrive

A decisive step ahead with Intellistart 2

Field test expectations exceeded

Dynamic duo of high net productivity and cost efficiency



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