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Label printing.

Market segments.

Successful decoration makes products stand out from the crowd. Labels serve a multitude of purposes in this respect:

  • Marketing: Product advertising geared towards specific target groups to ensure products stand out on the sales shelves.
  • Information: Details required by law relating to contents and expiry date together with the manufacturer’s details.
  • Logistics functions: Product tracking for the retail trade.
  • Security function: Protection against mix-ups, counterfeiting and theft.
  • Technical function: Sealing, re-sealing and protection from light.

Different market segments place different demands on labels. The manufacturing process and material selected depend on how long the label needs to last and the product application.


A grocery label whets the appetite but must also comply with all foodstuff and packaging regulations.

When selecting the material to use, the end consumers’ behavior and technical requirements such as frost resistance for frozen products play a key role.

From a basic strawberry jam label for a retail store chain to a highly embellished label for a premium olive oil from a delicatessen store, and from short runs with a large number of different types to long runs – our label printing presses satisfy all demands relating to print quality and productivity.

Recommended equipment:

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There is probably no other market where such diverse requirements apply to labels as the beverage segment – from basic soft drinks labels with a short shelf life to highly embellished labels for wines and spirits that need to last much longer.

In addition to decorative requirements, it is above all technical properties such as the washability, recyclability, and application speed of these labels that determine the printing process used and the level of embellishment.

The modular design of Gallus presses and their wide range of inline finishing processes go a long way to ensuring a successful end result.

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Health and beauty

These products convey a certain joie de vivre in terms of body care per se and everything associated with it. Accordingly, cutting-edge materials such as no-label-look substrates are combined with a whole range of different embellishments such as screen printing, hot foil embossing, cold foil printing, or metallic effects.

The long life and demanding environment of such products result in high technical demands when it comes to choosing the right substrate and the printing and finishing process for everything from short runs involving several different types of label to long runs.

The outstanding printing quality and excellent flexibility of Gallus products in terms of applications and printing processes play a key role in ensuring the appealing elegance of body care products.

Recommended equipment:

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The pharmaceuticals packaging segment is enjoying above-average growth in the packaging market.

Due to the increasing proportion of over-the-counter products, vitamin preparations, and food supplements, product decoration is also becoming more important in this segment.

Appropriate production conditions and resources are needed to comply with the requirements to protect against mix-ups and counterfeiting and the production conditions stipulated by directives. This is where Gallus presses really come into their own.

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In industrial applications, labels are used to identify liquids, solids, and components, while product decoration is used to display contents. Such labels can also contain details for the control of logistics processes.

Consequently, they must satisfy many different technical demands such as temperature resistance, adherence, durability, scratch resistance, and resistance to liquids. In some cases, these labels are also expected to help protect against counterfeiting.

From simple, quick, and efficient printing to complex special-purpose labels, Gallus presses help label printers in every aspect of their work.

Recommended equipment:

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From cleaning products to scented candles, from the basics to life’s little luxuries – whether used in one go or over a period of months – household goods are an ever-present feature of our daily lives. An increasing number of similar products with comparable properties are all vying for the customer’s attention.

In addition to decorating products, labels on household goods also provide information. They indicate what the product is used for and how to use it correctly.

When producing labels for household goods, it is important to combine a high information content with an attractive design. Gallus presses stand out in this market segment thanks to their excellent flexibility and high level of specialization.

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