As you’re all too aware, you need well-trained staff to get the most out of your presses, but they’re becoming ever harder to find. On top of that, the speed at which technology is developing can sometimes overwhelm experienced specialists.

The new Digital Training solution from Heidelberg is the answer.

Short e-learning modules and videos provide readily comprehensible practical knowledge that is easy to retain. Experienced employees can brush up their know-how, while junior staff will benefit from sound basic training.

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Rapid assistance

The compact knowledge modules are extremely easy to incorporate into the production routine. They can be accessed online at any time, so operators can obtain details on their tablets directly at the machine whenever rapid assistance is required. Instructions for complex tasks such as correctly adjusting inking and dampening rollers are just one example. Some modules also offer suggestions for cutting down on waste.

Assimilating knowledge

The cumulative design of training units means beginners can acquire the basics and gain more in-depth know-how in line with their particular requirements. Experienced specialists can also easily update their knowledge, if necessary.

Get involved with co-creation

Try out the Digital Training solution from Heidelberg, and benefit from our ongoing expansion of the online training portfolio in close dialog with you and other users. For example, simply use the Heidelberg Assistant to suggest areas where you feel there is need for further training. This may relate to actual printing or any other key area of activity at the print shop – from prepress, press, and postpress to the Prinect workflow and business management.

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