We keep pressing ahead

by sticking to what we do best.

Longevity. Such a powerful word in the time of fast-moving goods, fast consumption, quick turnovers and things measured in seconds.

In these impulsive times though, have you ever wondered what makes some things still last? Why are some still here that have been made decades ago? Why do we still prefer those that have been created by craftsmen?

The answer is simple. The attention to detail, the mindset and the vision to keep pushing for a better performance.

You may say, it isn’t simple. And you are right. Our journey has taught us that success is not always as easy as it may seem. We have been through a lot in the past 170 years, and here’s what we have learnt.

Success is hardship. Success is temporary. Success comes to those who persevere, who are curious and keep pushing to find the best possible solutions while being loyal to their reliable partners, no matter what.

Here’s to partnership, and the next decades ahead of us – in hardship and in success. Because longevity can be achieved, if we stick together by focusing on what we do best.

We know you may have questions, and we are here to provide you answers about our core business, our financials, our packaging and digital strategy.

"What will the core business of Heidelberg be in the future?"

Our core business.

Our mission is, and remains, to supply the best end-to-end solutions for industrial print production – from the prepress stage right through to a product that is ready for dispatch. We focus on products and services that offer measurable productivity benefits, simplify the printing process, and drive forward digitalization so our customers can run their businesses as efficiently and profitably as possible.

Financial Situation
Financial Situation

"How is the economic situation of Heidelberg shaping up?"

Our future viability.

Heidelberg has initiated a comprehensive strategic realignment of the group, which will consistently focus on profitability, competitiveness and safeguarding the future. An important element of the future strategy is the focus on the profitable core business. These measures will be flanked by the adjustment of structural costs at all levels and optimization of the global production network. Financial stability is the foundation of this realignment which will enable Heidelberg to press ahead.

"Digitalization – what added value can I expect from Heidelberg?"

Our digitalization strategy.

Digitalization has become an integral part of print production. It enables us to automate the entire value chain and simplify production. At the same time, it boosts productivity and gives print shops the opportunity to systematically analyze and continuously optimize their processes. All this makes digitalization a key lever for competitiveness, innovation, and agility. That is why we, as a partner of the printing industry, will continue to expand our digitalization offerings and provide customized solutions for profitable production that result in measurable added value for our customers.

"What is going to be the offering of Heidelberg in packaging printing?"

Our packaging strategy.

Packaging production is not only one of the fastest growing areas in our industry – it also has enormous productivity potential that can be increased with intelligent, high-performance machines and processes. Packaging printing is therefore still a central component of our core business. We will continue to develop innovative solutions in the future and offer a comprehensive portfolio for the entire production process.

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