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Whistleblower/Ombudsman System.

Beginning on July 1, 2016, Heidelberg is expanding its existing Compliance Management System by introducing a Group-wide whistleblower and ombudsman system.

The ombudsman will act as an independent and autonomous lawyer, serving as a point of contact for all internal and external persons with information on compliance violations at the company who wish to know that their confidentiality is guaranteed.

If the ombudsman has promised a whistleblower confidentiality, the ombudsman cannot disclose the name or identity of the whistleblower to Heidelberg or other third parties without the whistleblower’s consent. If the ombudsman is questioned as a witness in criminal, civil or other legal proceedings, he is authorized to disclose the name and identity of the whistleblower only with the express and written consent of both the whistleblower and Heidelberg.

Following his own due examination, the ombudsman decides whether and to what extent to notify Heidelberg of the matter brought to him.

The whistleblower will not be charged for using the ombudsman.

The work of the ombudsman extends to all companies of the Heidelberg Group worldwide (see: ).

Ombudsman of the Heidelberg Group:

Mr. Felix Rettenmaier (attorney)
Corneliusstr. 34
60325 Frankfurt/Main
Tel. +49 69 874030018


Ms Vanessa Kerbusch
Compliance Manager
Tel.: +49 (6222) 82 67113

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