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Andreas Hamm: "Founding Father".

The origins of Heidelberger Druck-maschinen AG are associated with one name in particular: Andreas Hamm. A bell-caster by profession, Andreas Hamm founded a factory in the Palatine city of Frankenthal (South-West Germany) in 1850. At this facility, bells as well as casting and forging materials, mills and steam engines are manufactured. Working with the machinist Andreas Albert, it is not long before Andreas Hamm decides to incorporate flatbed cylinder presses and "other machines relevant for book printing" in the production plan. At the end of the 19th century, the firm relocates to Heidelberg where it becomes a corporation under the new name "Schnellpressenfabrik AG Heidelberg".

Excellent Reputation
Even very early on, the company founded by An- dreas Hamm and Andreas Albert had made a name for itself. In 1864, the Fran- kenthaler Zeitung praised: "This firm has gained a re- putation that already stret- ches far beyond Germa- ny's borders. Printing presses will shortly be shipped to Odessa on the Black Sea and to Cherson in the Pontic steppe."

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