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Speedmaster XL 106-8-P. Moving into production at speeds of 18,000 sheets an hour takes the Austrian commercial and packaging printer into a new productivity league.

Transporting ourselves to a completely new productivity level

“In the first half of the year alone we changed 16,600 plates on our new Speedmaster XL 106-8 perfector. A very large number of jobs run at the top production speed of 18,000 sheets an hour,” says Magister Manfred Schmid, Managing Director of Ueberreuter, a long-established Austrian print shop, who is impressed with the performance of the new Speedmaster. “This makes us even more productive, effective, and reliable!”

The print shop, based in Korneuburg, Austria, was founded back in the mid-16th century and is thus almost as old as letterpress printing itself. A letterpress print shop in Vienna was acquired in 1784, followed in 1866 by the Ueberreuter letterpress print shop, which gave its name to the present-day company. Today, the approximately 100 employees in three-shift operation don’t just print books, brochures, and commercial print products for publishers and industrial companies – since 2009, Ueberreuter has also been serving the packaging printing sector.

2009 also marked a strategic reorientation and updating of the machinery and saw the move to Peak Performance technology from Heidelberg. The aim was to achieve a long-term increase in productivity. In the initial stage, this was accomplished by using two five-color Speedmaster XL 105 presses with coating unit and eventually the new XL 106 in 2013. For Ueberreuter, this represents a new milestone in productivity gains.

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