FR – Mavit Sival.

Speedmaster XL 106-4+L. 18,000 sheets per hour – absolutely no problem even with large runs, on thin papers, and on substrates with a weight of 400 g/m2.

Lives up to all expectations.

“Our Speedmaster XL 106 is perfect for our wide product range, enabling us to process both large job volumes and lots of small series on substrates from 80 g/m2 to 400 g/m2. The key to efficient production of jobs like these is stable sheet travel and shorter job change times. Two points that set the XL 106 far apart from its rivals. A lot of our production is done at full capacity, in other words at 18,000 sheets per hour. And that’s absolutely no problem, even with large runs, on thin papers, and on substrates with a weight of 400 g/m2,” explains Jean-Marc Rhodes, Managing Director of Mavit Sival. “Before investing, representatives from the printing department and I visited a number of print shops equipped with machines from Heidelberg and the competition. This gave us a good idea of the performance of the presses, and enabled us to assess how they would work in daily operation. It was a very interesting exercise, one that quickly convinced us of the benefits of XL technology in respect of productivity, quality, makeready times, and ergonomics,” continues Jean-Marc Rhodes.

Mavit Sival, FRA

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