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Speedmaster XL 105-6+L and Speedmaster XL 106-5+L. Increased sustainability and print quality with the world’s best presses.

Sustainability and premium quality – hand in hand

“When we made the switch from medium format to 3B format in 2007, we chose the Speedmaster XL 105-5+L because we wanted the best product available on the market. There was really no alternative as far as we were concerned. The fact that this was the right decision is something we see on a daily basis,” says a satisfied Werner Drechsler, Managing Director of the Druckstudio Group based in Düsseldorf. “In 2008, we invested in an XL 105-6+L, and we installed the world’s first Speedmaster XL 106-5+L and Speedmaster SX 52-5+L UV in 2012,” he adds. Sustainability and environmental protection combined with exceptional print quality are central to the Druckstudio Group’s philosophy, and the exclusive Speedmaster technology puts these principles into practice perfectly.

The company founded in 1977 by Werner Drechsler as a print and media service provider offers customers the full portfolio of a commercial print shop focused on high-quality solutions. Its customer base includes large companies from the cosmetics, clothing, automotive, and telecommunications industries as well as SMEs. In addition to high-quality commercial print products, the workforce of around 70 in Düsseldorf also produces packaging such as sleeves and promotional items in short to medium runs. Druckstudio has already won a whole host of awards for its outstanding print quality. In 2012, it was named Germany’s most environmentally friendly print shop and, for the fourth time, one of Germany’s top employers. Few can keep up with this Rhineland company in terms of creativity or humor either. It won third prize in the “Be unbeatable. Be a Speedmaster.” video competition.

“Thanks to their excellent energy efficiency, the Speedmaster XL 106 and SX 52 are among the most eco-friendly presses in their class,” says Marketing Manager Fotini Drechsler. State-of-the-art environmental technologies play a key role in the company’s sustainability concept. By also introducing further environmental measures such as equipping presses with a heat recovery system, installing a photovoltaic system, and using green electricity – to name but a few – the Druckstudio Group has, in recent years, achieved a 27 percent reduction in the relative energy consumption per metric ton of paper while also boosting productivity. What’s more, it now generates 90 percent lower electricity, heat, and water-related CO2 emissions than six years ago. This has led to virtually climate-neutral operation. “Thanks to Prinect Inpress Control, we have also been able to reduce paper consumption. For example, we have seen a huge drop in the amount of paper we send off to be recycled,” adds Drechsler. Ecology and economy do not have to be mutually exclusive – they can go hand in hand. The Düsseldorf-based Druckstudio Group’s success story illustrates this perfectly.

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