Speedmaster XL 75 5+L Anicolor. Thirty percent higher production capacity despite switch from two presses to one.

Unique products at affordable prices

Originally, Jakprints had no plans to invest further in offset technology. A visit to the U.S. technology center run by Heidelberg inspired the turnaround. During a demonstration of the Speedmaster XL 75 Anicolor, twelve print jobs typical of a normal eight-hour shift at Jakprints were produced in just one and a half hours, with 20 to 30 sheets of paper waste per job. The management team was won over – the prospect of cutting setup waste by 6,500 sheets while gaining six production hours was too much to resist.

The owner-managed print shop based in Cleveland, Ohio, specializes in achieving top print quality with a firm focus on the customer. As well as small companies and a number of larger ones, customers include artists, musicians, churches and a tattoo studio. “We have customers who attach great importance to top quality and whose imagination and wishes are sometimes greater than their budgets,” explains CEO Nick DeTomaso. This is where the Speedmaster Anicolor opens up new opportunities.

Just four months since commissioning, Jakprints prints coated and textured paper, board, and covers after only five to ten minutes of setup time. Much thicker board can now also be processed. For DeTomaso, one thing is sure: “The Speedmaster Anicolor lowers the cost barriers while also making us far more competitive, as we can offer unique products at affordable prices.” DeTomaso says they also recently unveiled the new press to various graphic designers and creative professionals at an in-house event, adding: “It goes without saying that our customers were highly impressed by the press. Interest focused on the large wallscreen on the Prinect Press Center. A further factor is that the Heidelberg brand takes pole position as far as graphic designers are concerned,” concludes DeTomaso.

The new Speedmaster XL 75 Anicolor is carbon-offset and thus here, too, meets the requirements for eco-friendliness and sustainability. It is therefore fitting that Jakprints is involved in “Trees for the Future” and plants a tree for each print job.

Jackprints, USA

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