For outstanding quality and maximum production reliability

The Suprasetter 145/162/190 can be fitted with integrated punches for the superb register accuracy. And if you are working with process-less plates, there is an optional suction and dust filter system to protect the inside of the equipment.

Fully automatic too, if that is what you need

Our large format platesetter are modular. They can be expanded for fully automatic operation at any time with an Auto Pallet Loader. The loading systems dock at the back of the unit, leaving the plate compartment accessible for manual loading. This is a major advantage compared with conventional systems, where bypass mode is usually limited.

At a glance

  • Superlative precision and reliability
  • Convenient plate handling
  • A modular format with expansion capability for speed and automation

Key features

Auto Pallet Loader (APL)

For print shops with high job volumes, the Auto Pallet Loader (APL) makes loading printing plates from a transport pallet easy and efficient. Add-on modules ensure that the Auto Pallet Loader can be loaded with up to 4 pallets with a maximum volume of up to 600 printing plates for each pallet.

Temperature stabilizer

The temperature of all the components relevant to imaging is maintained at a constant level. The imaging of the printing plates always takes place under the same conditions. A performance feature of the Suprasetter 145/162/190 that is particularly beneficial for plate remakes. Any deviations caused by ambient temperature changes are avoided. This maintains the high register accuracy with the printing plates allowing for a faster makeready on press.

Internal punching system

Suprasetter can be optionally equipped with an extremely accurate internal punching system. The punched plates provide maximum register accuracy. This reduces press makeready times which also minimizes waste. Additional punching systems can be added on site at any time.

Debris Removal System

The Debris Removal System is an optional vacuum and filtration system that removes loose particles and dust. When fitted with this option, the Suprasetter 145/162/190 are also fully equipped to process ablative plates.

Laser technology

The laser systems developed exclusively by Heidelberg for the Suprasetter provide excellent imaging quality. The modular design enables additional laser modules to be easily and rapidly added on site – without long downtimes and with little service requirement. Production reliability is ensured through the Intelligent Diode System (IDS). This means that if a diode fails, operation can continue. The Suprasetter also offers a consistently high depth of focus to compensate for unevenness in the plates.

Technical data

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