Versafire CV from Heidelberg offers cost-effective benefits to customers across the US.

After a successful world premiere of Heidelberg’s expanded digital portfolio at drupa, customers are grasping the vast cost-effective benefits and new business opportunities available with the new range of “fire” products, including the Versafire CV and CP digital printing machines. With over 1,000 Versafire machines sold worldwide and 150 presses sold in the United States, customers are experiencing improved productivity, increased capacity and additional production capabilities.

Complement to Offset

Digital Printing Solutions (Winter Park, FL) recently installed a Versafire CV digital printing machine from Heidelberg. The new machine replaced a competitive digital press, and has already provided significant improvements in capacity, registration and turnaround times. “This machine is a workhorse,” said Terry Sutton, President. “Our turnaround times have been cut in half, and we’ve already surpassed 110,000 impressions in 2 months.”

Aside from improved productivity, the Florida based company is also benefitting from the larger sheet sizes, thicker substrates, and the ability to print white and clear toner. “We recently printed 100 6”x 9” pocket folders on the Versafire, which would have cost us a fortune to produce on an offset press,” said Sutton. “The oversized printing is a great feature, and was a huge selling point for us — the quality is outstanding.”

With 3 years since its last digital purchase, the company needed a machine that could better complement its existing offset press. “Our older [digital] press was not built to handle the jobs we needed to produce — leaving us with a large production gap between our offset and digital segments,” said Sutton. “The bulk of our short run jobs are now printed on the Versafire, and we are continuing to transfer the remainder of those jobs to that machine.”

Consistency All Around

In July, Absolut Color Corporation (New York, NY) installed a Versafire CV to increase capacity, and open up additional business opportunities. The new digital press currently runs alongside an existing competitive machine, and the New York based printer intends to move all production to the Versafire CV in the near future.

“The consistency of the CV is significantly better than our older machine. Overall, this machine will offer us a competitive advantage against others in our market — that was the driving factor for our investment,” said Dan Shill, President.

The Versafire CV can print five colors (four primary colors plus white and clear toner) with a maximum speed of 90 pages-per-minute. Enhanced productivity and advanced color features are just a few of the highlights that provide the quality expected from more expensive models in the market. Its Innovative laser technology and toner with a large color gamut deliver razor-sharp images with quality close to that achieved in offset.

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