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The Colors of Success.

Industrial printing companies need to produce and deliver both long and short runs within the shortest time. Low operating costs per sheet are crucial for economical production here. Digitized offset printing is the key to this.

The Speedmaster 2020 generation offers unprecedented productivity with Push to Stop, the new operating system, and intelligent assistants. The Intelliline LED-based navigation support systems visualizes the status of all printing, coating, and drying units at a glance.

The uniform and intuitive Heidelberg UX operator guidance makes printing an experience.

Take advantage of the possibilities of the Speedmaster 2020 generation to ensure a secure future.

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Impressively simple

Streamlined processes and a high level of automation are the hallmarks of industrial print production. They are key to consistent quality and give you the edge over your competition.

Added automation and control: Hycolor Pro

Hycolor Pro dampening system control permits targeted control of the dampening film and precision adjustment from the Prinect Press Center XL 3.

Automatic loading of printing plates: Plate to Unit

The Plate to Unit automatic printing plate management solution automatically provides the printing plates directly at the printing press for loading. What used to require 23 manual interventions now only requires three. The time required to change plates is reduced accordingly too.

Flexibility is the clincher

Heidelberg User Experience (UX) delivers integrated and intuitive operation of all touchpoints. Intelligent assistants and uniform operator guidance reduce complexity and simplify production processes. The benefit of this: predictable results and higher performance.

The user in focus

  • Speedmaster Operating System: convenient control through intuitive touch operation on the Prinect Press Center XL 3
  • Integrated assistance systems: for routine tasks and replicable results
  • Push to Stop: navigated/automated printing with Intellistart 3 and Intelliguide
  • 24-inch multi-touchscreen: intuitive operation similar to a smartphone
  • LED standard daylight lamp: everything always in the right light
  • Wallscreen XL: offers complete transparency during setup and production as well as uninterrupted productivity with Intellirun
  • Intelliline navigation support: keep an eye on production with colored LED elements on the printing, coating, and drying units
  • Prinect workflow: perfect data and color management

Zero Defect Production

Smaller quantities on demand, just-in-time deliveries, narrow tolerance windows and far-reaching audits. Our solution packages for automated quality assurance and control fulfill even complex requirements for defect-free production. The goal: Zero defect packaging.

Prevent costs with checks

  • CodeStar: presettable inkjet system at the feeder table marks the sheets so they can be traced.
  • Prinect Inspection Control 3: two high-resolution color cameras in the coating unit of the printing

Fast and reliable inking up

Easy measurement and control

Fast and reliable inking up, with reproducible stability, short makeready times, and minimal paper waste. The spectral measuring technology developed by Heidelberg meets this requirement with extremely high precision.

The unique and patented ink control system corrects even the smallest deviations.

Produce reliable quality

  • Software Color Assistant Pro for uniform and standardized ink presettings in each printing unit.
  • Prinect Axis Control is the high-performance color measurement system for packaging and commercial printing.
  • Prinect Image Control 3 is the standalone color measurement system for connection to up to four Speedmaster printing presses.
  • Prinect Inpress Control 3: Highly automated spectral measurement system. Lays the foundations for Push to Stop.

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A selection of the best.

The smart printing presses in the Speedmaster 2020 generation stand for top performance. Take advantage of the variety of models and the possibilities afforded by digitization. Accept nothing less than outstanding productivity and greatly increased overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Find your model from the Speedmaster 2020 generation.

Performance at its finest.

Speedmaster XL 106.

Frequent job changes. Long runs with no variations in quality. Stable production speeds of 18,000 sheets per hour in straight printing or perfecting mode. The Speedmaster XL 106 is the most intelligent Speedmaster yet. The intelligent interaction of all automation components enables cost-effective print production. Experience performance at its finest, both in classic commercial printing and in complex packaging printing applications.

Speedmaster CX 104
Speedmaster CX 104

Turning ideas into profit.

Speedmaster CX 104.

The versatile Speedmaster CX 104 with its new format can easily handle all materials from lightweight paper up to carton stock for packaging. Even in high performance ranges with speed up to 16,500 sheets per hour it impresses not only packaging professionals but the commercial and label printers as well.

Flexibility for all requirements.

Speedmaster XL 75.

Top quality with maximum availability. Highly efficient and easy to use. The Speedmaster XL 75 can handle even the most demanding requirements in 50 x 70 format with ease. The Speedmaster XL 75 is designed for the most demanding requirements in commercial, label, and packaging printing. Experience maximum flexibility and productivity thanks to extensive configuration options.

Economical for short runs.

Speedmaster XL 75 Anicolor 2.

The Speedmaster XL 75 with Anicolor 2 zoneless short inking unit is designed for fast and cost-effective production of even short runs in offset quality. The inking unit consists of a single-speed screen roller with ink chamber blade and employs a special ink application method. The result is fast and constant inking. The jobs are ready for production after just a few sheets. With longer runs, the advantages of the offset technology are hard to deny.

Speedmaster CX 92

Ideal for commercial print jobs in DIN format.

Speedmaster CX 92.

The Speedmaster CX 92 is tailor-made for commercial print jobs in DIN format. It therefore offers you a solution with the best possible price/performance ratio, for the cost-effective production of brochures, catalogs and flyers.

Speedmaster CX 92
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