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Heidelberg UK introduces new Palamides deliveries this autumn


Heidelberg UK has announced the launch to two new Palamides deliveries, the alpha hd 50 and alpha hd 70. These 50 and 70cm width models are designed specifically for the Stahlfolder range and include some excellent new features including improved performance, jam monitoring, enhanced setting options, better pile quality and the integration of software displayed on the Stahlfolder and Palamides control panels.

The Palamides alpha hd 50/70 is a delivery for processing folded leaflets and signatures. The folded products are pressed, gathered and piled by the machine and, after being jogged into accurate alignment, are transported to the roller table.

The alpha hd50 can handle two ups and the alpha hd 70 three ups, both with spreading capability. There is automatic pile recognition and the pile height can be from 3mm, with pile levelling where a stack is higher on one side. The infeed height is from 400 to 1050mm. Waste is ejected before the pressing rollers leaving onward processing neat and fast. The speed control of the folder and delivery are calibrated to work in tandem.

The productivity of the latest Palamides feeders is 1,000 piles per hour, compared to 900 on the previous generation alpha 500/700hd. The opening of the press rollers using spring force means easier cleaning and additional jam monitoring sensors make the system very safe. Jogging plates can now be adjusted from outside the delivery which operators will welcome. The roller bale has ‘kicker rollers’ making delivery of the first piles easy and reliable.

There are also Push to Stop options for autonomous folding as well as add-ons such as enlarged side joggers and larger roller table capacity (standard length is 200cm for 6 x A4 piles but enhanced can be 300cm for 9 x A4 piles).

The alpha hd both have a minimum format of 80 x 95cm and can rise to 235 x 330cm in 2 up format on the alpha hd 50 or 3 up on the alpha hd 70.

Ian Trengrouse, finishing marketing executive at Heidelberg UK, says: “We welcome this development of a bespoke Palamides delivery for Stahlfolders, especially suited to sit behind our “P” folder technology, these high performance folders are enhanced by the higher spec alpha hd deliveries . They are very well engineered to help the operator running the machine and to maximise efficiency, productivity and profitability for the printing business. The ability to automate and enhance the products will be attractive to the most productive web-to-print and publication printers.”

For further information please contact:

Diana Thompson, Plus Point PR Ltd, on 01494-817178 or 07802-898313
Ian Trengrouse, Heidelberg UK, on 07825-781483.

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